The Queen’s Rant – WWE’s Missing in Action

Hey there, EDF Wrestling Community! It’s your girl, Kat AKA @TXSportsQueen! During these crazy times with the pandemic, it’s been nice to see the WWE continuing with their weekly programming. However, there have been two superstars who the WWE have not featured on TV as of late. For this installment of The Queen’s Rant – WWE’s Missing in Action!

Mustafa Ali

The Queen's Rant - WWE's Missing in Action

From my calculations, Ali has not been on TV this entire year! It’s crazy because the man is insanely talented and can bring so much to Friday Night SmackDown! He could have easily been an entrant in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel to bring Ali back to TV. Of course, the off-and-on storyline with the hacker has mesmerized the WWE Universe. Several have made their guesses as to the identity of the hacker. To me, based on the clues we’ve been given, I know it’s Mustafa Ali! The only question is when WWE identifies him and brings him back to TV!

Bianca Belair

The Queen's Rant - WWE's Missing in Action

You can always count on the RAW after WrestleMania to be full of surprises and debuts! This past one did just that when Bianca Belair appeared and stated that she goes there now! I saw this as the sign of amazing things to come for Bianca and the effect she can have on the RAW’s Women Division. However, except for the RAW after WrestleMania and one match two weeks later, we have not seen Bianca Belair in the ring during Monday Night RAW!

This cannot happen!

With Becky Lynch being on maternity leave, Monday nights are screaming for star power in the women’s division! If given ample opportunity, Belair can help lead the way!

That’s all for this installment of The Queen’s Rant – WWE’s Missing in Action! Hopefully, WWE does the right thing and brings these talented superstars back to TV regularly ASAP!

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Rant’s over! Your queen has spoken!

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