WWE: It’s Only the Beginning

As a wrestling fan we see crazy chaotic things happen all the time in the WWE. Have you ever wonder what the creative team is thinking when they give us a storyline? Flying pancakes no big deal, a beauty and the beast love story, that’s totally cool. There is so many things that can be created for a fun and entertaining show. A wrestling fan will only see the beginning.

Take A Step into a Ramblin…

The creative team seems to kill a ramblin rabbit over and over. I am totally convinced that the puppet has unlimited lives. What would happen if we rambled on like the rabbit? Could we see a sticky end to our lives? In many cases we would be in big trouble, if we told secrets that we are not suppose to tell. How about a character like The Fiend? Would you let somebody like him in, or would just cry for mommy because he was in your nightmare? In my case I would just find the kendostick, and not let him in. There is so many things that would allow us to find our imagination. As the universe of wrestling around the world, we all have our dream storylines.

We have the do’s and the don’t s! Here recently the creative team, has been using the OMG moments right now. What would really happen if the WWE asked the WWE Universe for your storyline ideas? Man! Oh man! We might all just land a part time job with the company. I have stated before that the creative team, don’t really have what it takes. So, Vince McMahon and creative team start checking out your sports sites and find your real writers. I can guarantee myself and others that I know very well we would not let you down. Let’s take it to the next level: I bet you a million flying pancakes, and 50 curb stomps we would not let the WWE Universe be bored again!


Picture Credit: Denofgoom

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