WWE Betting: Backlash 2020 Preview

The WWE gets ready for another network event inside the Orlando Performance Center, with BackLash on Sunday, June 14. Although betting on the WWE is illegal in America, it’s perfectly legal for bettors in the U.K. with sportsbooks such as 888Sport and SkyBet.

Even if you can’t bet the event (legally), it’s still fun to break down the odds and consider best bets you can (theoretically) make. Will Edge vs Orton live up to the hype? Will any titles change hands? Let’s ring that bell and get right into it! You can also listen to our BackLash betting breakdown below.

BackLash Belts Expected To Bide To Champions

Of the five championship matches currently scheduled for BackLash, only one champion has an implied improbability to win under 80% – the duo of Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have the lowest odds of any champion to win a match on Sunday. Looking across the board, Apollo Crews (83.3%), Drew McIntyre (83.3%), Asuka (87%) and Braun Strowman (96.2%) all have odds to win their match above 80%.

The team formerly known as the ‘Boss-N-Hug Connection’ only has a 69.7% chance to win. Those odds are filled with conviction, but it definitely implies the second reign of Banks and Bayley is in jeopardy.

Still, with odds inching into 70% territory, it seems that BackLash may not see any titles change hands. If a title does change hands, expect it to be in the women’s triple threat match. The odds do favor only one title to change hands on Sunday at -155, as opposed to zero titles changing hands at +140.

Consider Underdogs for BackLash

If you have any conviction that one title will change hands on Sunday, it should be the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. With that said, The IIconics are looking to be a solid sleeper in this match.

With odds to win at +250, taking the IIconics provides great value for WWE bettors. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have the lowest odds to win at +410. Although the value is solid, it seems more likely that either Banks-Bayley or The IIconics will win the match.

Another underdog to possibly consider is Jeff Hardy who has odds to win at +140. Sheamus enters as the -200 favorite, which seems a bit high considering the story at hand. Sheamus has been antagonizing Jeff Hardy over his past substance abuse, which would seem really grim if Sheamus were to win.

WWE sometimes goes down a dark path in terms of their storytelling, but having someone win who is bullying another person over substance abuse seems too dark. Plus, Elias is still very much in play and may return to help Jeff defeat Sheamus.

This would see Hardy move on to a possible title match as Sheamus can then enter a rivalry with Elias. This is all hypothetical however, and Sheamus as the favorite can easily win the match. For those feeling risky and looking for an underdog though, Hardy is a solid selection.

The Greatest Match Ever?

Calling Edge vs Randy Orton the greatest wrestling match ever is a bit premature, and probably inaccurate. Could it be the greatest wrestling match in BackLash history? Maybe.

Either way, it seem Orton is going to win and might be the safest bet of the entire night. Orton over Edge currently sees odds at -200, which is a bit expensive but also seemingly a lock.

With many expecting a rubber match between the two, the only way WWE could get there is if Orton wins match two between he and Edge. There is a much safer bet revolving around this match, but is a bit more expensive to take.

Orton vs Edge is the favorite to main event BackLash at -295. Any other match (the field) has odds to main event at +200. It would seem very unlikely that WWE bill two legends participating in the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match’ and it not main event. A -295 for Orton/Edge to main event might be the best ‘slam dunk’ bet of the night.

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