WWE Positive Covid 19 Test

I am going to start this article, by simply saying can we get a reboot for 2020, it has caught a virus, and it won’t go away. Due to the virus our sports, have been cancelled. The world of wrestling seems to be kicking still but to an extent, they might as well be cancelled as well.

Positive Covid-19 Test in WWE

There was a positive test in the WWE. The performer who was tested positive was a female wrestler in NXT. The wrestler was not being used for television, but was part of the crowd. She was last used in this role on June 9th.

Masks Required or Not

There is recent reports that the audience members were instructed not to wear masks during the WWE TV tapings. There is several new cases in the state of Florida. The non-mask wearing situation, might be out of WWE’s hands, when it comes to the future tapings. It looks like the Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, will sign a new executive order. The new order will require masks to be worn by “every person in the county.”

Covid 19 Vanish Already…(Writer’s Take)

As a wrestling fan or any sports fan at that matter, we need to work together as a team, as we finish out 2020. The WWE positive Covid 19 test, has a strike to us wrestling fans, pretty close to home. I know its tough, without our sports, because we look forward every year, but maybe this was a sign to spend that much needed time with our loved ones; that seems to be taken for granted. At this rate, we can only hope that 2021, will be a better year for all of us. I know as a sports fan, I am ready to be back in the crowd cheering on my favorite teams and wrestlers. However, I will be completely honest sports events for the fans, may never be the same again.

Picture credit to WWE

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