My 10 All Time Favorite 4 Horsemen

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. My name is @KC_Carlyle, and today we are going to talk about my 10 all time favorite members of the 4 Horsemen.

#10 Lex Luger

Lex Luger’s time in the “4 Horsemen” began in 1987. He was a newcomer who expressed interest in becoming a “Horseman” upon his entrance to the NWA. Luger ended up taking Ole Anderson’s spot, after Ole cost Arn Anderson and himself the tag team titles. After Ole missed a show to watch his son wrestle in an amateur tournament, they used his missing the show in storyline to phase him out of the “4 Horsemen”. While not the most popular member of the Horsemen, Luger bought a breath of new life. Luger would go on to better things later on in his career.

#9 Steve “Mongo” McMichael

Steve “Mongo” McMichael had quite a career before even becoming a professional wrestler. Mongo was a member of the championship winning 1985 Chicago Bears. Mongo ended up joining the “4 Horsemen” in 1996 at “The Great American Bash”. He joined the Horsemen following a screwjob on his tag team partner Kevin Greene. Mongo opened a haliburton to  reveal a “4 Horsemen” t shirt. He then hit his partner Kevin Greene with the haliburton, allowing Ric Flair to pin Kevin Greene. This action solidified Mongo as a Horsemen. The way he became a Horsemen was pure gold to me.

#8 Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious, wow this guy was something else. On the May 11, 1990 edition of the NWA Power Hour Sid was introduced as the fourth member of the “4 Horsemen” . He was billed from “where ever he dern well pleases” and was said to be “the muscle” of the group. Sid has been all over the wrestling business. He was definetly a guy who could not stay put for long.  Sid was originally brought in to combat Robocop at Capital Combat. A lot of people don’t look too kindly on Sid but I liked him.

#7 Barry Windham

Barry Windham has often been called one the most talented member to ever grace the “4 Horsemen”. Ric Flair has spoken very highly of him and his time in the Horsemen. Many of times in interviews Flair has spoken highly of Barry Windham. Funny enough Barry Windham actually turned on another person on this list to get into the “4 Horsemen”. On April 20, 1988 Barry Windham turned on Lex Luger to become a Horsemen. Barry Windham isn’t often talked about, which is a shame. The other giant shame is that Barry Windham never had a world title run.

#6 Sting

Most people get a weird look on their face when you tell them Sting was a member of the “4 Horsemen”. While he wasn’t a member of the Horsemen for very long he was a Horsemen nonetheless. Sting became Horsemen in he middle part of 1989. The way he earned his way into the Horsemen, was by saving Ric Flair from a beatdown from “The Great Muta”. Sting was dismissed from the “4 Horsemen”, after winning a tournament that put him as the number one contender for Ric Flair’s World Heavyweight Title. A nice fun piece of history for you  all.

#5 Curt Hennig

Ahhh Curt Hennig son of the legendary Larry “The Ax” Hennig. Two time AWA Heavyweight champion, Intercontinental champion his list of accolades goes on and on. One of the most gifted men in the history of professional wrestling. Hennig became a member of the “4 Horsemen” at the request of the retiriring Arn Anderson. Arn Anderson asked Hennig to take his spot in the “4 Horsemen” because he was retiring. Curt Hennig replied, “It would be my honor”. If there was someone with the pure talent of Arn Anderson to take his place, Curt Hennig was that man. Unfortunately Curt Hennig would betray the “4 Horsemen” at Fall Brawl and join the nWo.

#4 Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman was one hell of an athlete. Former football player for the Cincinati Bengals, and a great college football player at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His entrance into the “4 Horsemen” was a wonderful plan between Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and himself. As usual it was something to do with screwing Sting over. Honestly when it comes to Brian Pillman I really believe that he is extremely underrated. Both as a member of the “4 Horsemen” and as a wrestler as a whole.

#3 Tully Blanchard

Tully Blanchard, one the original members of the “4 Horsemen”. When it comes to Tully Blanchard the man has pretty much done it all. His tag team title run with Arn Anderson was second to none. Blanchard held the Television Championship quite a few times as well. Tully was always one of those guys you never wanted to turn your back on. He was always a pretty dirty player, and was always there to back up his boys in the “4 Horsemen”.

#2 Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson, “The Enforcer”, “Double A”. Arn was another original member of the “4 Horsemen”. Anderson was a multiple time tag team champion with Tully Blanchard. He was also a multiple time Television champion. Arn Anderson has been one of my favorite wrestlers since I was a little kid. I have always enjoyed Arn Anderson’s smashmouth in your face no nonsense style he truly was “The Enforcer”.

#1 “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

WOOOOOOOOOO! Where do I start with “The Nature Boy” Ric FLair. I really can’t describe how big of a Ric Flair fan I am. The man is nothing short of spectacular. Sixteen time world champion, two time WWE Hall of Famer, and all around excellent. There is nothing the man hasn’t done in the wrestling business. He has wrestled on every continent but Antarctica. If given the chance in his prime I am sure he would have wrestled in Antarctica. Flair is the only person to be in every incarnation of the “4 Horsemen”. The man just exudes charisma and talent. I don’t care what anyone says Ric Flair is “The Man”. That being said Flair is number 1 in my 10 favorite “4 Horsemen”.

Well thank you all for stopping by to read about me talking about my top 10 all time favorite members 4 horsemen. you can find me on twitter @KC_CARLYLE.

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