Women’s Evolution is Only the Beginning

We just celebrated the anniversary of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair coming to the main roster. Oh how sweet, to see that a evolution for the women’s division was being started! The women’s division not only began five years ago, others made an impact as well.

Past, Present, Future

The women’s evolution didn’t just start with the present women wrestlers. It started with Alundra Blayze, Mae Young, Lita, Trish Stratus. Every woman that got into the ring and did what they did, deserves kudos for starting the women evolution. They thought, if the guys can do it, so can we. The division got the spark five years ago, and it was only the beginning.

Yes! Even The Bella Twins

I have seen a lot of articles of people saying like The Bella Twins didn’t start the women evolution. NEWSFLASH!! Yes they did! They were once called Divas, and held the Divas Championship. So what, if some of the women never got a title reign, but they had a huge impact on the women’s evolution. So much history has been made, and it will only keep getting better.

Women’s Evolution

You are probably wondering what is in store for the next part of the women evolution. The question is nobody knows. We will witness the unthinkable and maybe the impossible. How will you imagine the women’s evolution? A spark to the division, only if it was one night we need to see AJ Lee back for one more match.

Not All History From the Ring

As we see everyone making history in the ring, other women make history else where. Take Renee Young for example, she has made some history of her own. So sit tight and sit back! Every woman that has been part of the history making in WWE the deserves the kudos, for being part of the women’s evolution in some way. Rather, it was title shots, kick ass promos, managers, or whatever. I mentioned not in the ring making history, but this next woman is. This history maker is not a wrestler but gets out there every show, and calls the matches. Jessika Carr has became the first ever female referee official to be on the main roster in WWE. She was part of NXT, but now currently on SmackDown, she made historical change in the evolution.

That’s why I strongly believe that every woman deserves to be mentioned as a big part of the evolution. History has only started for the women’s division, and it won’t end there.

picture credit to pro wrestling sheet

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