24/7 Championship Dead

Here we go again! What are you thinking WWE? The 24/7 Championship is beyond on the dead zone list again. That’s right, the 24/7 Championship is dead.

This title has completely been centered around R-Truth. I am happy he has seen the spotlight that he has been missing for years, but a 38 time champion. That is beyond ridiculous now. We know that this would never be the real case for a big championship.

24/7 Championship Dead: Needs some Spark

This storyline is boring. There is several people on the roster that deserves this title more then R-Truth. It seems that nobody can ever hold it for a long period of time. The current longest reign is 68 days held by Rob Gronkowski. Nobody has came close to that record. Why does it always have to be R-Truth? Shelton Benjamin deserves to have it longer then he did. Akira Tozawa held it for a week. Seriously? Come on now. A week is that the best you got!

WWE Creative team I know you can find somebody else that deserves that title more the R-Truth. To gain some sparks for the title, have him defend it on SmackDown and NXT too. What kills it the most, Truth always runs with it.. That’s not fair to others that deserves a chance. I have stated above and I stated in other articles I written in the past; stop making this all about R-Truth.

This title use to be the best entertaining thing in the WWE. Now all I do is face palm myself every time it goes back to R-Truth. As a wrestling fan and writer you are only making me aggravated right now with this situation.

Women Division

How about we get the females involved? Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly, Alundra Blayze and Maria Kanellis has already had that chance. That’s only four females and they are all legends. So how about we give Natalya a chance? If not the Queen of Harts, how about Lana? There is so many opportunities that can happen with the women division. They deserve a chance. R-Truth needs to just let go, and move on. It’s not all about him, and you WWE need to realize that. You need to make some changes or else you will be getting another article about this, but a little more aggressive!

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