Top 10 Favorite Wrestling Themes

As a wrestling fan we have our favorite wrestlers; but most of all we have our favorite wrestling themes, that we can’t get a enough of. I am here to name my top 10 favorite wrestling themes. I can listen to these ten over and over again, and never get tired of them. They are themes from AEW and WWE.

There is a lot more I can listen to but these are my top 10 wrestling themes of all time. You may not agree but remember this is my opinion.

10) The Epic- Britt Baker

9) Unscripted Violence- Jon Moxley

8) Judas- Chris Jericho

7) Nah Nah- Liv Morgan

6) Deliverance- Bayley

You now have witnessed numbers 6-10 of my favorite wrestling themes, I can listen to over and over again. Did you like any of the ones listed? Now its time for the top 5.

5) Kombat- Dakota Kai

4) Dead Silent- Karrion Kross

3) Warriors- The Kabuki Warriors

2) Rise of the Beast – Kayden Carter

You now have seen the numbers 2-5. Now you are wondering, who is the number one spot? Let’s jump into the number one spot.

1) Kingdom – Cody Rhodes

Now that you have seen what my top 10 favorite wrestling themes are, what do you think? Who are some of your favorites?

A few others I can listen to over and over again are: Shayna Baszler, Darby Allin, Kenny Omega, Paige, Jeff Hardy, AJ Lee and so many others. As a fan of wrestling, themes are a must for all fans. The themes are what gets the fans motivated for their favorites. If your favorite didn’t have that theme, that you could get you motivated when you heard it, then what’s the point. As I listen to the themes, one thing I never regret is being part of the wrestling community.

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