The Queen’s Rant – Why is Dream on TV?

The Queen’s Rant - Why is Dream on TV?

I’m back, ladies and gentlemen! It’s your Kat AKA @TXSportsQueen! Just like the entire WWE Universe, I’ve been waiting for NXT Takeover XXX and SummerSlam. My anticipation took a bit of a hit when the final spots for the Takeover ladder match filled up. Which leads me to this week’s installment of The Queen’s Rant – Why is Dream on TV?

Last week, the Velveteen Dream shocked the NXT Universe with his return. This week, he went up against Finn Bálor for the final spot in the ladder match to crown a new NXT North American Champion. Thanks to interference from Timothy Thatcher, Dream won the match.

Under normal circumstances, this would not bother me so much. However, Dream found himself in the middle of the #SpeakingOut movement. Around the same time that the accusations came out, he was also involved in a car accident. We hadn’t seen Dream on TV in several weeks. Triple H recently stated that Dream’s absence from TV was for Dream to recover from the accident and did not involve the accusations against him.

Even if WWE did not find anything when they investigated the accusations against Dream, the fact that he’s even on TV is a bad image for WWE. Fans are questioning the extent of the investigation conducted by WWE and Dream’s presence calls into questions who WWE wants to represent NXT. To make matters worse, Dream could possibly win a title tonight.

If it were up to me…

Here’s the bottom line – NXT brought Dream back too soon and he should not have picked up a win against Finn Bálor, who should have been in tonight’s ladder match, to begin with.

If I could say one thing to WWE, it would be to give the win to one of the competitors and then keep Dream off TV for a bit to let tensions settle down. The NXT Universe needs to have confidence in the people running the show. Having Dream on TV right now is not in the best interest of WWE and NXT.

That’s all for this installment of The Queen’s Rant – Why is Dream on TV?

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