The Bella Twins: Role Models and Inspiration

I recently read The Bella Twins’ new book called “ Incomparable”, and I have to say is yowie wowie they are just humans like you and I. As a wrestling fan, we see our wrestlers as one person but never able to see they are normal just like us.

After reading the book, I felt even more connected with Brie and Nikki more then ever. The book is filled with stories that you can relate to. This was the first book I actually cried and felt the pain with them. R.I.P. Bear. You are truly Brie’s angel. Reading about his death, I felt the pain that Brie was experiencing. I never knew that these two wonderful ladies, went through so much. They fought for everything they ever wanted. Reading this book, gave me hope, it inspired me to never give up what I desire the most. Nikki and Brie never gave up their dreams, so why should I?

They have inspired me so much in the ring through the years, and most of all taught me to never give up on life. Life is gonna suck, but be fearless and raise into Brie Mode, but don’t ever let life win.

Inspired in Life

As you see your favorite celebrities, you think damn they have everything they ever wanted, their life is perfect. The Bella Twins are far from being perfect. Take the time to realize what people have now, may not be what they use to have. You should never judge a book by its cover.

The Bella Twins have inspired me to give back to the environment, and try new things. Never be afraid to do something that you never have done before. I can truthfully say they have experienced a lot of things in life that I have. It felt great to know you are not alone in this world, when it comes to chaos reality of life!

Make sure to pick up a copy of Brie and Nikki’s book and learn so much about them. You will know things that you never thought would happen to these ladies that have been so successful in life. As you read the book, you will start the journey to what has made them they are today!

I could not be more proud to be part of The Bella Army. If there was any celebrity that has inspired me to believe in myself, and is the true role model that tells you to never give up no matter what. The Role Model is The Bella Twins.

Thank you Brie and Nikki. After reading your book, I don’t feel lost and not so much alone anymore. I feel like there is some hope in my life right now.

”Never give up on your dreams.” (A follow from The Bella Twins on Twitter will be a nice dream! A girl can dream right?)

picture credit to WWE

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