Brett Brown and the 76er’s part Ways, Should Brand Follow?

Yesterday the Philadelphia 76er’s parted ways with coach Brett Brown after a first-round exit at the hands of the Boston Celtics. The Sixers have many problems in the organization and the feeling is there are going to be far more changes to come. That will be what the fans of the team will be waiting on. Who is next and what are they doing with the players. Yeah, you know who I mean.

After the Sixers lost to Boston the GM Elton Brand sat down and talked with players and the coaches before leaving the bubble. In the end, the team and Brand felt it was best to let Brown go and look in a new direction. Brand stated;

“I have a tremendous level of respect for Brett both personally and professionally and appreciate all he’s done for the 76ers organization and the City of Philadelphia,” Brand said in a statement. “He did many positive things during his time here, developing young talent and helping position our team for three straight postseason appearances.

“Unfortunately, we fell well short of our goals this year and I believe it is best to go in a new direction. This will be an important offseason for us. We look to get back on track towards our goal of competing for an NBA championship.”

We could take this statement alone and dissect it till next week. The fact of the mater is Brown is not the only one that should be gone. After all, it is Brand who brought them all together. He is the one that traded Fultz away. The Jimmy Butler thing? Come on already. But the word seems to be the Sixers are content with Brand but the shake-ups everywhere else is coming.

Embiid and Simmons

The bigger question for the fans is, are they keeping both Simmons and Embiid? As of now, the front office is saying they would like to find a coach that can work with both the stars. Some have said, Ty Lue and Jay Wright are two names in the mix. They feel they can get the two stars on the same page. But if they can not do that then there is a possibility one of the two might go. Again speculation says they would want to keep Simmons over Embiid.

The fact remains there are many questions for the Sixers and their organization to address this offseason. Brett Brown should be just the first of many moves. Brand should take a hard look in the mirror when those changes are done. Looks like “The Process” has just begun.

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