Welcome to the Queens’ Takeover!

Welcome to the Queens' Takeover

Ready for a weekly wrestling jolt from the craziest all-female trio? Welcome to the Queens’ Takeover!

The Queens’ Takeover Podcast started in February 2020. We, your hosts – The Texas Sports Queen Kat, the Carolina Boss Lady Kayla and the Resident Jester Jolie, bring you our weekly takes on the latest from inside the squared circle. Although we are primary WWE and NXT fans, we also dabble with AEW and other wrestling promotions! Just because we are women, don’t think that we won’t knock you out with our opinions! If you push us too far, you’ll end up as a target for the Jester when she holds court!

Click here to check out our recent episode as we discuss the toxicity that exists in today’s IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and what we can do to fix it!

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The Hosts of Queens’ Takeover

Someone has to be in charge! Kayla, the Carolina Boss Lady, is from Anderson, SC. No matter if he’s in WWE or NXT, her favorite wrestler will always be Finn Bálor. You can follow Kayla on Twitter at @writerchaos.

What’s a podcast without a little color commentary? Look no further than our Resident Jester! Jolie is from Clayton, DE. She definitely has a bold personality like her favorite wrestler, Becky Lynch. You can follow Jolie at @JesterJT1.

As for me, Kat – the Texas Sports Queen! I’m from Houston, TX. Even though he’s now retired, my favorite wrestler will always be Batista. You can follow me at @TXSportsQueen.

You can follow our podcast on Twitter at @QTBowDown! Be sure to also follow EDF Wrestling and EDF Sports at @edfswrestling and @TheEveryDayFan2 to see what we’re up to next!

Join us as we take over the podcast world!

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