Denver Nuggets Survive to play another Day!

The series between the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets had looked as if it was going to be a short one. A thrilling game one and then three one-handed games in a row by Utah. But tonight the Nuggets had one of those games where they came alive. By they, I mean Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray who took over in each half. Nikola took the first half and Murray closed it out. The Nuggets win 117-107.

The Game started off with Jokic taking control of the first quarter and going 8-8 on his first eight shots. They came from everywhere, from three, from the lane, from dishing dimes as well. The Joker had it going on all the way. And even with his play, Donovan Mitchell once again seemed like he was shooting on an oversized goal. The guy has been unconscious thus far.

Once again Donovan went for 30 in the game as scoring has not been an issue for the one-time Nugget draft pick. It seems that is always on his mind as he likes to show us what we passed on. Conley and Jordan each had 17 points as the Jazz once again got help from a variety of guys.

The Nuggets were led by Murray’s 42 points and Jokic’s 31. MPJ had 15 and Grant gave the team 14 points in the game. But when you get down to it Jamal took over in the second half and was not about to let the Nuggets go home. Every time the Jazz tried to pull away Murray had an answer. In the third, the Jazz looked like they were going to run away. The Denver Nuggets defense then kicked in and so did Murray.

They fought back and Murray had a fourth-quarter explosion that help put the game away including some of the craziest moves to get there.

Denver Nuggets Next Game

The Next game will be Thursday at 4 PM Est, 2 PM #Milehighbasketball time. If it is anything like this one it is not out of the realm for the Nuggets to tie the series and force a game seven. One can hope right! For now, they live to see another day.

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