The Denver Nuggets outlast the Jazz to Win Game 7!

In a thrilling game, the Denver Nuggets outlast the Utah Jazz to win 80-78. In what was supposed to be a high scoring game seven between Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell turned more into a defensive struggle between both teams. The two teams for most of the game took the offense off. But in the end, they did what they do and it made for one heck of an ending.

For most of the first half both teams where on slow-mo. The Jazz scored a total of 36 points in the half. That right the half! I think a few games Mitchell has had that himself by half. Okay not, but that was a slow start. You must give both team credit as the defense on both sides was turned up.

The third quarter it looked as if the Jazz had awoken and was ready to run away with the game but they could never really get away. They pulled ahead by a few but Denver would just answer and they would be tied or close for most of the second half. Mitchell did get heated up and scored the majority of his 22 points in the second half. He has given nine boards but it just was not enough.

For the Denver Nuggets, they turned to Jokic in the late stages as he took it at Gobert who had outplayed him most of the game. But with the game tied and under a minute on the clock They dished the ball down low to Joker who took it right to Gobert gave him a few fakes, which did not work, then he throws a hook that put the Nuggets up for good. Jokic gave 30 points and 14 boards with only four assist. Murray had 17 and Porter Jr threw in 10 points and nine rebounds. A good outing for the rookie.

Denver Nuggets hold them off

The game though came down to the last seconds where defense once again ruled. With around 17 seconds left the Jazz had called timeout. As they went to throw the ball in, they attempted to get it into Mitchell’s hands. Gary Harris playing in his second game back took the job of stopping Donovan. As they went to throw the ball in Harris put a blanket on Mitchell and they had to call a timeout again.

Again 17 seconds to go they finally get it to Mitchell who makes a move to the basket. Then from behind Harris gets the poke of the ball and it goes straight into Murray’s hands. Here’s where the Nuggets almost lost it. Murray takes off running toward their basket dishes to Craig who blows the layup with about five seconds to go. Conley takes the ball sprints down the floor. With about one second to go, lets it fly from around three. The ball bangs off the rim and the Nuggets survive game seven once again.

What a game, what a finish. The Denver Nuggets now move on to take on the Los Angeles Clippers for the right to play in the Western Conference finals. A seven-game series that kicks off on Thursday night. If it has any of the Magic that the last one did then the Clippers are in for a fight. The Nuggets will need to be on their game for the whole series because getting down 3-1 to Kawhi and the Clippers would not be the best move.

For now enjoy Denver Nuggets fans as we move on!

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