Four WWE Horsewomen

In the wrestling world, four women was dubbed by fans as the four WWE Horsewomen. These ladies bonded during training in NXT. They all four shared one important reason: they wanted to make women’s wrestling great again! Those four women are Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Banks, Flair, and Lynch debuted on the main roster of RAW in July of 2015. Bayley came to the roster later on in 2016.

Charlotte Flair

2x NXT Women’s Champion

1x Divas Champion

4x RAW Women’s Champion

5x SmackDown Women’s Champion

2020 Royal Rumble winner

Hell in the Cell match(1st ever)

Sasha Banks

5x RAW Women’s Champion

1x NXT Champion,

2x WWE Women Tag Team Champion, (first ever tag team champs), both tag title runs was with Bayley.

Hell in the Cell match(1st ever)

Becky Lynch

1x RAW Women’s Champion(longest reigning champion at 373 days)

2x SmackDown Women’s Champion(became the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion)

2019 Royal Rumble winner


1x NXT Champion

1x RAW Women’s Champion

2x SmackDown Women’s Champion(current champion with the longest reign at 328+ days)

2x WWE Women Tag Team Champions(first ever tag team champ and both times with Sasha Banks)

2019 Money in the Bank winner

The four WWE horsewomen have made history and will keep making history throughout their wrestling career. There is so much more they can accomplish. These four women are future hall of famers. They will go in the hall of the fame together and individual.

Writer’s Take

I am a huge fan of all four women. As the wrestling world keeps making history for the women division, I look forward to being a fan of all four of them no matter what. In the history of the WWE, there always will be a Queen, an Irish Lasskicker that becomes THE MAN, a legit boss who made a blueprint for her name, while a non-hugger became a Role Model.

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