Seth Rollins: The Ongoing Never Stops

The ongoing never seems to end storylines in WWE are the most annoying. Let’s take Seth Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio for example. How many more times does the kid need to get his butt kicked by the Monday Night Messiah for the storyline to end?

I understand that Seth Rollins is one of the top WWE Superstars in the company, and does a great job pushing people in the company, but good grief at least let the kid win one match.

Another Ongoing

We clearly see that Rollins is done with Murphy. So what does this mean really? Are you gonna see Rollins kill the Mysterio family and Murphy till he takes time off to be with Becky Lynch?

What Needs to Happen

I have said this in past articles and believe its time. One way to get revenge on Rollins would be bring back Cain Velasquez. At this rate, I don’t care if its one night, but bring him back to get his revenge for Dominik and the Mysterio Family. It indeed will be a good twist. A Velasquez return would be best for business and would be great for the storyline. It will add some heat to the rivalry, and would be a great way to write Rollins out for awhile.

So WWE now its time to do the unthinkable. Listen to the wrestling writer writing this article. Take this idea and make it happen. I bet you a million 1916s off the top rope it will not be a mistake.

Oh No Uh Oh!

I recently read an article for another Mysterio storyline. It looks like WWE is teasing a romance storyline for Mysterio’s daugther Aaliyah. Who will she be in the storyline with? The article shows her checking up on Murphy after he was attacked by Rollins on Monday Night RAW. The new romance storyline may involve Mysterio’s daughter and Murphy. There was also sources saying that Aaliyah can also possible be on the side with Rollins. At this rate, we can see this feud lasting till WrestleMania!

Nothing has been confirmed for the new romance storyline, right now its just a teaser. As more information comes out, we will share that news with you.

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