EDF Odds on the Emmys

Every Dan Fan is proud to present Every Day Betting with Thom Cunningham. He is a college basketball voter and he watches and bets on a lot of sports, did I mention A LOT of sports? He has taken what he has learned over the years and he loves sharing that knowledge with you.

We will bring you his thought on most sports going on that may be of interest to a better on any given day. Could be NBA and MLS today and tomorrow we end up the UEFA or entertainment. So if you like to bet, and we all do, then take a few minutes every day to see his thoughts and maybe make a few dollars along the way. Today we have;

It is that time of the year again, it is Emmy time! Who will win what is always a fun way to get through the Emmys. But making a few bucks on it is even better. So take minuet and listen to one of the best and be able to top all your friends.

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