Alexa Bliss: A Blissful of History

As a wrestling fan our favorites keep making history in the world. Rather, it’s something simple or not, we are proud of them. The Goddess Alexa Bliss has made so much history here lately, and this article is to show you that success and accomplishments. Its just a blissful of history!

Who is Alexa Bliss?

Alexis Kaufman is from Columbus, Ohio. They call her the five feet of fury! She indeed does stand for that name, if you ever see her in the ring. Bliss is very talented and athletic in the ring! Her moves are amazing! Her finisher “Twisted Bliss” is one of my favorite finishers of all time! I also love her move called “Insult to Injury”.

Making History

Bliss is the first ever woman that held both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships. She became the first one women to hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice! Bliss also was the first two time WWE Women Tag Team Champions along side Nikki Cross. The history doesn’t stop there. She is also a 3x RAW Women’s Champion, and the first ever female to compete and win the first ever women Elimination Chamber!

Whoa! Whoa! It don’t stop there! She is also the third person and first ever female in WWE history to win the Money in the Bank contract and cash in the same night and become champion!

And it Keeps going…

Alexa Bliss also became the first ever female to have her own talk show on the main roster, “A Moment of Bliss”. On September 22nd, she aired her first two episodes of her new podcast “Uncool”. Bliss keeps making history and I’m so proud of her, and the women’s accomplishments. I am a huge fan of The Goddess. I even cried when she was drafted to the main roster in 2016. Bliss has made so much history and I’m proud to say I am a fan! The blonde with pink in hair makes her stand out, and she will indeed be a future hall of famer, till that time comes I will keep watching her make history more and more everyday!

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Make sure to also check out the song called Alexa Bliss by Bowling for Soup. It’s about Little Miss Bliss herself! Here is the video!

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