Top 15 Favorite Women Champions

One thing I have learned as a wrestling fan and a writer, never make yourself write your top 15 favorite wrestlers or anything dealing with wrestling. Why you ask? The answer to that is, its really hard to really classify your favorites. You love somebody just the same as you love the others. In this challenging article for me, LOL, I give you my top 15 favorite women champions.

15) Maryse

14) Sasha Banks

13) lo Shirai

12) Asuka

11) Bayley

You just saw numbers 11-15. Do you agree or disagree? Now its time for numbers 6-10

10) Trish Stratus

9) Nikki Bella

8) Shayna Baszler

7) Becky Lynch

6) Charlotte Flair

Alright readers, you just saw numbers 6-10 and trust me those were tough to ever give numbers. Now its time for 1-5. Any guesses to who you think number one will be?

5) Lita


3) Alexa Bliss

2) AJ Lee


There you have it folks, my top top 15 favorite women champions. As I stated they may not even be in the correct ranking, but they are pretty darn close.

It Won’t Stop There

Every female that has ever been champion sets an example for the ones, who wants to be a champion. Unfortunately, there are ones we love that may never see that big championship spot. We are still proud of those ladies in so many ways. Who are you some of your favorite women champions in WWE or wrestling period? All the women champions and the women will keep making history each and everyday. As a wrestling fan, I can’t wait to see them break more history.

There is a women evolution going on, and we are proud to say it won’t stop now, but only to keep gaining and gaining more opportunities.

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