Gregg Marshall of WSU, Allegations of abuse to Staff and Players

The main man at Wichita state university, Gregg Marshall, is under investigation for allegations he punched a former player and chocked a former assistant coach. This may be only the start for Marshall as a report in the Athletic states there are others as well. The Athletic reported multiple allegations against Marshall from the 2015-16 season and it is only time before others come out.

One of the players that have come forward to tell his story is ex Shocker Shaquille Morris, who played alongside NBA guard Landry Shamet of the Clippers. Morris states;

“He punched me while I was facing away over my right shoulder, hit me in my jaw,” Morris told Stadium. “I turned, and coaches are surrounding us at the time.”

This according to Morris this came on the day he told Marshall of his mother’s diagnosis of cancer. But that is not the only incident. He is also said to have chocked during practice ex-assistant, Kyle Lindsted. The Athletic also states that there were other incidences. One such incident has him chasing down another player athlete who had parked in his spot. He tried to punch him as he was yelling and screaming.

Other instances describe of him berating players during practice and as stated by the Athletic;

include Marshall body-shaming a player who is now dealing with anxiety and depression; Marshall making “Indian howling noises” and telling Isaiah Poor Bear Chandler, who is of Native American descent, “to get back on his horse”; Marshall telling Colombian center Jaime Echenique he would be “a great coffee bean picker”; and Marshall telling Erik Stevenson that he was “afraid of brothers, guys raised by their grandparents eating PB&Js.”

The Athletic

One former player had this to say to the Athletic;

“It wasn’t just players—the academic people, the marketing, everybody,” one former player said. “If you had to associate with Wichita State basketball, you got caught in the crossfire. I lost respect for him because I saw the way he treated my teammates and other people.”

For those that follow the Shockers as I do it was strange last spring. The way, so many left the program last spring was an alarm that something was not right. It just did not make since they had done so well the year before then all of a sudden most of the team leaves. Gregg Marshall has been the head coach at Wichita State since 2007, leading the Shockers to a Final Four appearance in 2013 and five Missouri Valley Conference championships. So to leave that type of program for the landing spot most landed in was a bit strange.

If these allegations are true then this will fall on the school itself. As one of the many schools I attended, I am ashamed of the university itself. The city of Wichita has nothing else to grab on to but the Shockers to cheer for. A program that has meant so much to the community and you let them down. You put winning over the well being of players and coaches. The city would have stayed with you as they always have, winning or losing. You let them down WSU.

Time for a change at WSU. If even a little of what we have seen is true Gregg Marshall should do the right thing and step away. If not, WSU, this is on you. Do the right thing.

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