COVID Strikes the NFL and the NFL is Fighting Back

Over the last few weeks, the NFL has had a big problem, COVID. It started with the Tennessee Titans and the Chiefs. They had a game moved to accommodate several players testing positive. Then we had Cam Newton and the Patriots. After Cam, it was sort of downfall as many more came out and it led to the game between the Broncos and the Patriots to be postponed. This week once again the Patriots closed their facilities with more positive cases. We even had our first Tuesday night game this week. And now the Atlanta Falcons have closed their facilitiesdue to COVID.

This is not just an NFL problem as we have seen several teams in the SEC over the past couple weeks that have had outbreaks as well. The Florida Gators have had an epic breakout with over 27 players coaches and assistance including head coach Dan Mullen. It just seems that the sport of football does not have any clue on how to handle this.

The thought of a bubble has been discussed. The Logistics just do not seem to be there if they tried to do anything the other sports have done. How could you even start to compose a spot or two or three to hold all games and keep players, coaches, and all other personnel? As of now, the NFL rejects that scenario;

“Today we don’t feel like that is the safest course of action for us,”  NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills said Tuesday.

NFL Mounts a fight

The NFL and the powers to be got together this week to discuss the situation as they want to do all they can to not add a week to the season. Why who knows, but in that meeting, they acknowledged that what may be taking place is most teams are getting lax in keeping up with protocol.

That many have not been vigilant of who and where they go.

“We stressed again today: we cannot grow complacent,” commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday.

According to the Wall Street Journal From Aug. 1 through Oct. 10, the NFL had 99 confirmed infections, 30 players, and 69 other personnel among roughly 8,000 people getting tested. Of those 99 positives, however, 41 came in a two-week span. The NFL did investigate the Titans and their breakout. What they found was while the facilities were shut down they held unsanctioned workouts at a HS among other things. No word on what the NFL is going to do to them but I would put money that its money.

The NFL is now going to impose more COVID restrictions or better compliance at least. They are getting tougher with teams as of Monday they sent out messages saying fines, loss of draft picks and other measures could be taken for those that violate the protocol. So how will they know? The honor system? We see how that worked out and so did the NFL. They will now place video cameras in the facilitates of teams to ensure the protocol is followed. Can you say, big brother?

“We’re going to continue to learn throughout the season,” NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills said Tuesday.

Can we make it to Thanksgiving?

I would say they will learn something going forward. It is to the advantage of all that the NFL is doing this for COVID. If they leave it the way they are going then the NFL will not get the Thanksgiving day games. The NFL understands what they up against today as shown by the video cams in the facilities. The way it is going now they will be playing games all week to make up for the ones that are postponed.

I hope for all us sports fans that the NFL CFB and the rest get it together as the last thing we need is for all of sports to go away again. The NFL is mounting a fight but is it too late?

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