JETS – “CAN’T-MISS” on Next Coaching Hire!!

To date, it is well documented that this season has been an absolute disaster and we are only five weeks in. The New York Jets sit at 0-5 and they haven’t been competitive. The primary reason is Adam Gase… I thought he could be a serviceable Head Coach after his strong finish last year but I was dead wrong. He has proven that he is in way over his head and if I see another handoff up the middle on a second and 26 to a 37 year old running back my head is going to explode. The Jets are at a crossroads, so it is VITAL that they do not miss when they hire their next Head Coach.

Jets fans are filled with hopelessness, with the current situation, but let me provide each of you with a very real scenario to keep you from burning those Gotham Green Jerseys. Things can turn around VERY quickly in the NFL and I will give you an example using our beloved Jets. In 1995 the Jets, under Rich Kotite, finished 3-13 and followed that up with a 1-15 season in 1996. It was an absolute disaster with the only win coming in Arizona against the Cardinals. Jets fans were feeling very much like we are today…without hope.

Kotite was fired and the Jets made a great decision when they hired Bill Parcells to lead the team. Parcells was an uber-successful Head Coach and always managed to get the most out of his rosters. In 1997, the Jets finished with a 9-7 record and followed that up with a 12-4 record in 1998. So you can see if you get the right Head Coach you do not have to wait 5 or 10 years to start competing. The key is… you can’t miss!!


There is a “can’t miss” guy out there and I for one would love to see the Jets pursue him with everything they have. In 2010, the San Francisco 49ers were one of the worst teams in the NFL. They finished 6-10 and that was the eighth consecutive season where they had a losing record with the exception of 2009 when they finished 8-8. They were awful and then hired Jim Harbaugh. In 2011, his FIRST year with the 49ers, San Francisco finished 13-3, 11-4 in 2012, and 12-4 in 2013.

This was with a very mobile QB (Colin Kaepernick) but also one who struggled with accuracy. Jim Harbaugh completely turned this franchise around in ONE year. As you know, Harbaugh is currently the Coach at the University of Michigan. If I was Christopher Johnson I would travel to Ann Arbor and not leave until he agrees to sign. I would even go as far as offering him Jon Gruden’s contract… 10 years for 100 Million. He is a “can’t miss” guy that would optimize our roster, win right away, and provide stability for the next 10 years.

Jets Joe Douglas

The other reason for optimism is that Joe Douglas has set the Jets up for a very productive offseason. The Jets are projected to have roughly $80 Million in Cap Space in 2021. This will help JD find a good balance of quality and quantity to fill holes and add depth. In addition to the Cap Space, the Jets have 10 Draft Picks in 2021 including two first-rounders and two third-rounders. Joe Douglas hit a home run with his first-ever draft pick being Mekhi Becton who should anchor our offensive line for the next decade.

Let’s hope he continues to be a good evaluator of talent. I’ve seen a number of people recently even question Joe Douglas as a General Manager. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember that he did not make this mess… he is just the person hired to clean it up. The Jets were never just one or two players away from competing. He has the right plan and that is to build this team through the draft so that they win consistently. He has to get the benefit of the doubt.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Every year there are teams that go from fourth place in their division to first place. In the NFL things can change very quickly. Unfortunately, we still have 11 more games this year to endure and it will be painful. If the Jets hire the right coach I strongly believe they will be one of those teams that compete right away. They just CAN’T-MISS with this next Head Coach!!!


  • There was a lot of outrage regarding LeVeon Bell after he was cut and I get it. Here are my thoughts. LeVeon Bell was never in Jet’s future plans as soon as JD was hired especially at that salary. He is an RB that does not have great speed and is approaching his 30th Birthday. He was an absolute coward/ snake by going to social media instead of going straight to Gase and Douglas. They tried to trade him but Maccagnan’s contract forbid that from happening and was going to start becoming cancer to the team. JD had no choice and did the right thing.
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