D.K. Metcalf: The Next Big Star in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks Wide-receiver D.K. Metcalf is the next big star in the NFL. Metcalf, only 21-years old is putting the league on notice in just his second year.

Rising Star

The Seahawks Wide-receiver D.K. Metcalf is off to a blistering start to the 2020 season. In just five games he’s accumulated 496-yards receiving and five touchdowns.

Metcalf stands at 6’4″, and weighs 229-pounds, and yet is able to run a 4.3 40-yard dash. As if these statistical feats weren’t enough to deem him special, he also registered a 40.5″ vertical leap at the NFL combine.

The list of attributes is quite astounding but not as impressive as Metcalf boasting of three-percent body-fat. His Schwarzenegger-like physique led teams to second-guess this future star.

Teams thought he was more fit for a Mr. Universe competition rather than become their lead Wide-receiver. Metcalf’s body-of-work thus far chronicles the huge mistake teams made passing him up.


Mr. three-percent body fat is a freak-of-nature; someone of his size and weight shouldn’t be able to move like this- yet Metcalf does!

Leading Endorsements

Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson believes Metcalf isn’t a rising star, but that he’s a star now. Wilson had this to say when asked about his massive target.

“He’s the best in the world at what he does. He’s continued to evolve into one of the best receivers in the game. Not to be shy about it, I think he’s one of the top receivers in the game. He can do it all — he can run by you, he can jump over you, he can get physical with you.”

Russell Wilson

This is high praise for a Wide-receiver in just his second year in the league, but it’s not just Wilson that believes this, Pete Carroll also gave D.K. Metcalf a nice endorsement.

“He has dedicated himself to finding every competitive way he can to get as good as he can get. He’s just opened up the world to being a great player for us.”

Pete Carroll

Although Carroll and Wilson both give Metcalf a ringing endorsement; this clip below gives you, the Every Day Fan, the ability to judge D.K. with your own eyes.

@Sports Productions

Humble Beginnings

Long before becoming the pride of Seattle, D.K. Metcalf starred in the small town of Oxford, Mississippi. While attending Oxford High School, he posted career stats of 224 receptions for 3,302-yards and a whopping 49 touchdowns.

He parlayed his high school success into a college career by choosing the University of Mississippi. It wasn’t until his second season (2017) at Ole Miss that Metcalf began to replicate what he did at Oxford High.

In 2017 D.K. (DeKaylin) exploded for 646-yards on just 39 receptions, adding seven touchdowns. His ability to stretch the field was undeniable, and there was no question a star was in the making.

@Sports Productions

If 2017 was Metcalf’s coming-out party, then 2018 would bring this shooting-star back to Earth. His sophomore season was cut short by a season-ending neck injury he suffered against Arkansas.

Despite his season being cut short because of injury, NFL teams had seen enough from him to believe he was the next star. The question wasn’t “if” a team would move up to take him, but which team would do so.

The Draft

The Seattle Seahawks selected D.K. Metcalf with pick 64 in the second round in the 2018 draft. In a bitter-sweet trade with rival New England, the Seahawks handed over a third-round pick (No. 77) and a fourth-round pick (No. 116), which was a bargain to steal away their future star.

This move was a no-brainer for the Seahawks who were surprised that the wildly-talented Metcalf slipped so far in the draft. After all, it was his huge frame and 4.3 40-yard dash at the combine that rose everyone’s eyebrows to the top of their heads.

@TK Films

The question on everyone’s mind to this day is. How could a man that large move like that? It’s the same question we ask when Zion Williamson dunks a basketball. They are both respectfully athletic-freaks, and when the light go-on these stars shine bright.


It’s no longer a question as to whether D.K. Metcalf is a star; because he is, and he’s got all the intangible’s one looks for in their stars. Metcalf is athletic, hard-working, good-natured, and has a smile cameras gravitate towards.

The only question that remains is how high can the star rise..

For Seattle and Metcalf alike, the sky is the limit, and before we start comparing him to all-time greats, let’s just sit-back in our lazy boy and enjoy the show he puts on every Sunday.

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