NCAA says No Coaching from Zoom? #Comeonman

The football world has seen case after case, team after team get hit with positive COVID cases. The NCAA and particularly the SEC has been hit hard. From the Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Sabin to coach Dan Mullen of the Florida Gators. These two teams are not the only ones in the SEC. Vanderbilt has been hit hard with COVID. The Gators reports 21 players and then several assistant coaches as well. So how can they continue without some sort of compromise?


The Alabama coach had a solution, he was going to do it the 2020 way, through zoom. Why not we have done everything else from zoom this year. School, dating, interviews, work, why not coach a game? What a brilliant idea from a man that just could not take a day off. Have instead of a cord guy that runs along with you, you have a computer guy. He just runs up and down the sidelines holding up the tablet so Sabin can see all that is going on.

When a guy comes off the field after a penalty he can just walk over and put the tablet in the face of the guy and let Sabin do his thing. Hell, he could revolutionize coaching this way. Although I am not a fan of Sabin, this Idea I can get behind as I am a Gators fan. So how about it Mullen ZOOM?

Oh, wait it looks as though the NCAA does not like the idea of a guy sitting on his couch with a drink nearby and a bag of chips calling plays from his living room or “Man Cave”.

In a rules interpretation specifically for quarantined coaches in 2020 written last month by national coordinator of college officials Steve Shaw, that means, “the [quarantined] coach could not call into the press box or the sideline for anything related to coaching purposes.” Shaw is an Alabama graduate and former head of SEC officiating.

Coach Sabin had this to say;

“Well, there are smarter people than me in positions to make those, sort of, determinations,” Saban said. “I’m not being critical of anybody, but I would hate not to be at the game on Saturday — if that’s what this turns out to be — and I would hate not to be, at least to have a headset, where I could communicate with the sidelines, even if you’re in the press box in isolation.

The Vanderbilt-Missouri game on Saturday, Oct. 17 has been Rescheduled until December the 12th. The postponement is a result of the positives tests and the fact Vandy would no have enough scholarship players to meet SEC rules. The SEC requires a minimum of 53 scholarship athletes to be available to play. Vandy almost missed that cut off the week prior as well.

Texas A&M which has played both the Gator and the Tide in recent weeks has not reported any cases, hummm. It would seem easy to say this is just an NCAA or SEC problem, but the fact is it is a football problem, just look at the NFL. They are chasing COVID and are about to lose the race.

The question right now is why? why not let the coaches coach from zoom? It is good enough for everything else why not? I’m not saying this should be the norm. But the way 2020 is going it would a great compromise for this season only. Make a few rules for it if you want but it is a way for the game to go on and all to still be safe. As it is if you not feeling bad while you have it you want to get right back to work. Forgetting you may get another sick by doing so.

So come on man let them play NCAA, and let the coaches zoom away. Without compromise, this season will never reach the conclusion. Here’s to the 2020 season.

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