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Another draft has come and gone in the WWE, and the RAW roster came out better after it. The Fiend, Alexa Bliss, The New Day and AJ Styles were headline names that made the switch to RAW. With a number of other big names heading to the red brand, the roster has some potential feuds all fans would love to see.

I’m Reggie and this is my list of the top 5 feuds that should definitely happen on Raw following the WWE 2020 Draft.

1. AJ Styles Vs Drew McIntyre

This one is a no brainier. If and when AJ Styles is be injected into the WWE title picture, he’d fit right in. He’s been consistent since he stepped foot in WWE, and fans would not argue with him being Drew’s next challenger for the WWE title, after Hell in a Cell. With AJ being the incredible worker that he is, he could be the next big name that helps put Drew over as the top star of the brand. And if WWE are looking for a fresh face to move the title to on RAW, the Phenomenal One is definitely the #1 candidate.

2. Alexa Bliss vs Naomi vs Shayna Baszler vs Nia Jax.

This one is big and would need time. The RAW women’s division stagnated in the absence of Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Asuka spent a couple of weeks feuding with SmackDown stars Bayley and Sasha Banks as a result of that void. Now the draft has fixed that by moving Bliss and Naomi to RAW, and alongside Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, the WWE can build a strong division aound them for the meantime.

Baszler and Jax have been fun tag champions but they should restart their old rivalry and be elevated into the main event picture immediately.

With Bliss now aligned with The Fiend she can go after her nearest rival Naomi to kickstart their own feud on RAW. It will all help the cause, because with these four going at it and being pushed as the top contenders for Asuka’s title we’ll definitely have some strong women’s matches whenever any of them is ready for Asuka.

3. Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley

There isn’t much to say here. Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley; two former MMA guys going at it for the United States title would elevate the mid-card scene on RAW. They may not be box office draws like Brock Lesnar, and may not be positioned as main event contenders on RAW but they are very impressive stars in their own ways. It would be criminal at this point to not even consider booking them against each other. How they work around an MMA angle, and would be up on the superstars. This feud could elevate the United States title picture and will give the entire Hurt Business a new superstar to set their sights on.

4. The Hurt Business vs The New Day

While still on the subject of the Hurt Business, WWE’s tag team division is not the best and having them start a feud with current champions, The New Day would help fix that. The Hurt Business haven’t had a proper run at the tag team gold yet and they are very real threats to The New Day when they decide to push for it. Following this with an alliance between The New Day, Matt Riddle and even Ricochet to at least even the odds, would add a seamless transition and elevate the mid card on TV as a result.

5. The Fiend vs Randy Orton

Before The Fiend even attempts to go after the WWE title, it would be appropriate long term booking if he went after Orton. True to the Fiend’s character of going after superstars who wronged Bray Wyatt, he should definitely focus on the former Wyatt family member who betrayed him and completed his spiral into darkness. The Fiend vs Randy Orton is a rivalry on a silver platter for RAW. It would be a great first Feud for The Fiend and a way to organically get Orton out of the title picture for a while.

That’s my list. They were names I left out these ones are the ones we all definitely want to see.

Thanks for reading.

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