WWE RAW Talking Points

As the season premiere of RAW went off the air there were a few notable moments that definitely caught my attention.

By RAW’s standards, this was an average show, a C+, with great moments that were followed up with a number of total misses. I won’t dissect every one of those moments but there were a few that stood out.
So, here we are, I’m Reggie and these are my talking points coming out of the October 19th,  2020 edition of Monday Night RAW.

1. It WAS Mustafa All Along

This was a face palm moment. This was frustrating for me.
After months of speculating, months of guessing and excitement for what could have been a big angle, WWE decided it was time to reveal their forgotten secret in a way only they know how in this business.

Nonchalantly. It was finally revealed last night on RAW, in anticlimactic fashion, unsurprisingly, that Mustafa Ali was indeed the SmackDown hacker during his time on the blue brand.

After hinting how easy it would be for him to cause chaos with a laptop, a cell phone and a secret, in a backstage segment, the leader of Retribution eventually confessed and said he had learned all of the WWE’s secrets.
After lamenting on how the greed and corruption in the company had let down it’s talented, hardworking superstars, he promised to shut down anyone who stood in the way of the truth.


It was a decent segment but all I got from it was that this was the biggest thing coming out of the night but it was an afterthought. Retribution had tried but failed to get involved with The Fiend, when he was introduced earlier on in the night.

They didn’t look strong in their eight man tag match against The Hurt Business and were easily picked apart by The Fiend, when he came back to set things straight with them. This reveal coming off of those setbacks won’t do any favors to this angle. In fact, it makes your casual viewers not care, and frustrates the rest of us who actually didn’t forget about the hacker angle. This was the biggest miss of the night.

2.The Big Man in AJ Styles’ Corner

He wasn’t hard to miss. Standing at a whopping 7ft 3in, former NXT Star Jordan Omogbehin accompanied AJ Styles to the ring as a bodyguard. His big presence led to big rewards, pun intended, as he helped Styles in his match against Matt Riddle. Omogbehin constantly stood in the way of Riddle every time he had the momentum, and this distracted Riddle enough times to help Styles get the win.


There isn’t a lot to say but this was a big surprise. Observant fans will probably recognize him as the former RAW Underground bouncer, Akira Torzawa’s big ninja. So this wasn’t a RAW debut.

It is yet to be seen what this new partnership will do but Omogbehin will benefit from an association with Styles on the main roster. And AJ will largely benefit in a storyline and character development perspective from this outstanding partnership with the former NXT superstar.

We’ve seen this somewhere else but if it’s done right by WWE we will love it.

3.The Fiend is Here and Retribution Might Be in his Way

RAW has officially Let Him In to run riot on Monday nights. The Fiend did not disappoint as he started the night strong. After almost being ambushed by Retribution in his introduced earlier on he came back during their match with The Hurt Business to repay them in kind and more.
He basically tossed them aside, but Mustafa Ali got away after being saved by Flapjack, and knowing how Retribution works, this might lead to more.


I don’t know if it’s going to be a thing but there have been teases on social media that there might be a story between The Fiend and Retribution.
I am nervous but WWE seems to want The Fiend to feature big on RAW; so the group might be the first obstacle that he plows through. Hopefully, it won’t be all that bad. It might come at the expense of Retribution but the result should make an emphatic statement:
Whoever it is, and no matter how many people they have with them, they can’t stop The Fiend once he’s decided to play with them. It was a hit for The Fiend, I guess.

4. Alexa Bliss is Part of the Fun House

This was a fun segment. Alexa Bliss joined Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House and can now play a part in more of its episodes. Bliss was good and promised that the fun had just begun.


There wasn’t much here as well but it did more in terms of furthering the storyline between her and The Fiend’s. It marks the start of what I feel will be a carefully told story of their dominance in the RAW brand. This is a story that WWE cares about and when they care they make it big. Sometimes. This is going to be the main angle on RAW,  and it is indeed going to be fun.

5.Keith Lee’s Run is Frustrating

And I am not happy but I think it could build a story.
We had another screwy finish in what is becoming a long list of screwy finishes for Keith Lee. It was the typical WWE match for two big men on the main roster with lots of strikes and power moves. Brawn Strowman landed an inventive low blow that the ref apparently didn’t see and picked up a win from that. Keith had the last word as he hit his own low blow and promised Brawn that things between them were not over.


Since his RAW debut all but three of Keith Lee’s matches have ended in some kind of disqualification or underwhelming ending. And that run continued as again, an underwhelming ending in the form of a low blow the referee didn’t pick up on gave him the loss. There is a silver lining here. His reaction to the how things went backstage showed that WWE might book an angle of Lee not happy with how his matches are going.

WWE can make a meal out of the frustration that Keith’s fans have with his booking and run with an angle of Lee being frustrated as well. I mean, either that or we continue this annoying booking in WWE’s wins and losses don’t matter until they matter mentality.
I’m hopeful.

These were my RAW moments. The rest of the show was fine but if anything, the wrestling community will be focused on these main talking points.

Thanks for reading.

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