AEW Dynamite Talking Points

Every week for the past few weeks now AEW Dynamite has done two things consistently; giving the fans solid matches and giving the fans something they did not expect.

We have grown to expect a lot from them and they deliver almost all the time. Last night wasn’t an exception. We had great tournament matches, great video packages to build on existing feuds heading into next month’s Full Gear and a lot of teases for what to expect moving forward. Honestly, I felt a lot of things and I’m struggling to put them to words so bear with me because stuff happened that need talking about.

Hey again, this is Reggie and these are my talking points for the Wednesday October 21st 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite.

1. Brother vs Brother won match of the night.

Good gosh, Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix was great. I did know I needed to see this. I was excited but I just did not know what I was going to get.
They did so many good things. They treated us to great match and boy, I wish I was a color commentator just to call it for you in my notes. They telegraphed a great match and told a great story about their own sibling rivalry and also teased a potential split in Eddie Kingston’s faction. They did all of that and didn’t drop the ball. The pops, the big moves, the moments, and the finish left me speechless.

At times it looked like they wanted to outwrestle each other. And then it looked like Penta was worried about Rey. Heck it looked like Rey Fenix was playing possum and pulled out a victory from it. Everything was picture perfect and I loved it. This was a TV match? Thank you very much AEW!

We WILL call this the match of the evening. Then go on to pronounce it match of the week eventually. Then we can make it a contender for the match of the year. It was awesome. Rey Fenix playing possum continued to sow the seeds of dissent between the brothers. And there was a top rope Rana spot that had me concerned about Fenix for a while but they pulled through. Both men put themselves out there with lots of big, dangerous moves but tonight, Kinston being focused on Moxley meant he wasn’t there to patch things up quickly between the brothers. I want to see what happens next.

2. The Cleaner is coming back.

His new entrance. His new attitude. His confidence. I think we are seeing the cleaner in AEW. This match, from the beginning of Kenny’s entrance to the finish lasted about 2:48 seconds. The quick V-trigger/One Winged Angel combo gave him the win and his look after spoke volumes. Kenny means business and his opponents should watch out.

This was a lot to take in for a short match. We have been wondering when we’d see the cleaner again and we caught a glimpse of him here. This came at the expense of Sonny Kiss but I’m not too worried, AEW haven’t given me cause to worry. A lot of people might see it as a squash match but I do think it put a single message across to everyone. Including a certain Cowboy in the back. Kenny is serious now.

3. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston is getting personal

Jon Moxley wasn’t on the show tonight and Eddie Kingston was on commentary for a bit but goodness, did they have some harsh words for each other in their video packages.

Last week Eddie said Moxley sold out and went to land of entertainers. He left him behind while he, Kingston, died for the sport. Jon had his own thoughts, calling Kingston bitter, miserable and whiney. He refused to apologize for his success but reminded everyone that he thought of Kingston as part of his closed circle. And that at Full Gear he would beat and torture Kingston until he either got his friend back or ended him.
Eddie Kingston had his own video package and he said two things that need mentioning. He isn’t happy with what he has become … But his ends will justify his means.

Having the best talkers in the business at the moment is making this one of the most talked about and anticipated feuds in wrestling. Their video packages were top stuff. They said things that really made me feel like there was real hate and animosity between these men. They are building this as a big feud and AEW Dynamite has outdone itself with this storyline here. The hype is exciting and frightening because it is an I Quit Match and we know the type of wrestlers both men are. All I can say is, let’s get ready.

4. Le Diner Debonair blew me away.

Okay, bare with me. I understand those who don’t like this. And I understand those who, like me, loved this. This was pure gold from beginning to end. Jericho being suspicious of MJF was great. Both men trying to outdo each other while ordering stake was hilarious. Then bonding between them became warm. And then they broke into song and I was gone with them. It was amazing. I could not stop laughing. I wanted an encore from the top (sorry Jericho). They blew me away. And the reason it worked was because it was these two.

I’ve heard it time and time again since they started interacting with each other on Dynamite. They have great comedic timing and they work of each other too well. No doubt if it was done by WWE everyone would find it hockey for the single reason that it would be forced and it would usually be done by people who don’t have great timing together. This worked extremely well because it was on Dynamite and because both wrestlers had the freedom to do it their way. They worked off their strengths, did something we honestly did not expect and they’ve got us talking. What more can we ask for?? I know. An encore. I can’t wait for next week’s town hall meeting.

These were the talking I had from AEW Dynamite. It was another solid show, bar the usual low point in every Dynamite episode I decided not to touch on because it’s the same thing every week. And we’ve spoken about it enough times to know that they know it.

Le Diner Debonair was hilariously awesome. Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix was freaking amazing. Mox and Eddie want to raise my blood pressure and Kenny was really Kenny for the first time in a long while. The Wrestling community will be buzzing following last night’s episode.

Thanks for reading my talking points for AEW Dynamite!

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