Florida Football: The Gators Postpone Another Game

Due to their Covid-19 outbreak, the Florida Gators have postponed another matchup. Florida was set to take on the Missouri Tigers on October 24th, but this game is being moved to October 31st with the health of the team wavering.

The Loss

Two weeks ago Florida fans were heartbroken by a defense that couldn’t stop a Texas A&M team from marching down the field for a late-game field goal.

The loss to a 21st ranked Aggies team was bad but not as bad as giving-up 543-yards of total offense. Giving up that many yards to any team would make you sick.

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Soon after this last-second loss players started experiencing coronavirus symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and sore throat.

The Gators lost a game they needed to win, but a week later they are losing a battle with Covid-19. UF has had 21 players test positive for coronavirus over the past few days, and had to close facilities.

The First Postponement

Since the Florida football team was experiencing an outbreak from the coronavirus they decided to postpone their home game against rival LSU.

LSU was to travel to Florida and play the UF in “The Swamp” at 4:00 p.m on October 17th.

The Tigers (coming off their own loss) were as eager to get back on the field as the Gators but will have to wait until December 12th to resume their rivalry.

Without UF taking the field against LSU fans will miss-out on Heisman hopeful Kyle Trask. Kyle has thrown for 996-yards and 14 touchdowns in just three games.

His play has been outstanding thus far in the early stages on the 2020 season.

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Trask’s six-touchdown masterpiece against Ole Miss was near perfect. Not only did Kyle showcase his arm strength, but his back-shoulder touchdown to Kyle Pitts proved his touch has improved.

The Second Postponement

After the UF football program postponed its game against LSU, they looked to face-off against another Tigers team- this time Missouri.

But yet again, the game is postponed due to a Covid-19 wave still working its way through players and coaches.

The hope is for Florida to host Missouri on Halloween pending negative test results. I say ‘hope,’ because, in this era of Covid-19, you can’t be certain of anything.

One can only wonder if restrictions were tighter amongst players and coaches alike if these postponements could’ve been avoided. Remember, just two weeks ago coach Dan Mullen boasted about packing the stadium.

“Absolutely want to see 90,000 in the Swamp. The section behind our bench, I didn’t see an empty seat. It was packed. The entire student-section–must have been 50,000 people behind our bench going crazy. So, hopefully, like I said, hopefully that creates the home-field advantage for us next week, because now we’ve passed the law in our state that we can do that.”

Dan Mullen

Mullins’ belief that the Aggie faithful impacted the game has merit, but this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. He needs better management and tighter restrictions if the Gators are to finish an already shortened 2020 season.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gators Football Return

The return of Florida football is set for October 31, at home, against the Missouri Tigers. Missouri looks to improve upon a 1-2 record, and show they belong amongst the SEC “elite.”

The Florida Gators enter this matchup having two weeks off after a soul-crushing loss to Texas A&M. Their record is 2-1, they’ll look to get back on track and prove the Aggies loss was merely a fluke.

I expect Dan Mullen to have his squad fully prepared after the layoff, and although Kyle Trask hasn’t played in two weeks, his accuracy shouldn’t suffer.

Many football teams experience bumps in-the-road, but it’s the great ones that overcome those obstacles. The Florida Gators have seen their obstacles, and look to boost their championship pedigree going forward.

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