The NBA to Start in December…Maybe

The NBA which had just gone through a grueling Bubble end to last season. playing all the remaining games and playoffs in Orlando at the Disney campus. The Los Angeles Lakers Walked away with a championship after three months of bubble play. Now the question of when the 20-21 season would begin has been answered, somewhat.

Today October the 23rd, the NBA Board of Governors met to discuss this subject and more. The date commissioner Adam Silver had previously floated around was Martin Luther King Day as a possible starting date. But the idea of a December 22 date picked up steam today as star players opened up to the idea. They would condense the season to 72 games as well. It has also been floated around that the 2021 All-Star game slatted for Indianapolis may be canceled.

The league is trying to have the season and get to the end in time for the summer games in Tokyo starting in June. If that happens it will be a long year for these NBA players. Another idea that seems to have a lot of support today was to keep the play-in games for the playoff rounds. This year they had play-in games for the number eight spot in the playoffs.

Much to be determined for NBA

There is just so much to be determined that getting hyped up now seems a bit early. The questions are plenty. The NBA has yet to determine where these games would be played. They do not want to use a bubble as Silver would prefer to play all games in the home arenas. They may adjust the schedule so the teams play each other in series type games. Something like baseball. This would cut down on travel and try an minimize the exposure of all players and personnel.

The player’s association has to approve all of the changes and that has not ever proven to be an easy thing. I do believe they will be easier to deal with but let’s face it there is a lot to get done on the player’s side. First, the league must give eight-week notice to the NBAPA, thats two months. Also, the fact that if done and they start the season on December 22nd. And if they play till May or June, then go to the Olympics. They would have been playing almost 10 months out of the past 12. The bubble was a grind of games every other day. The toll that took on them was incredible.

This begs the question, why would they do it? The money situation is not going to be there so what would be the incentive for the players? Those that want to go to the Olympics, and let’s face it we must send our best this time, will have no incentive at all. How about the draft? What about some sort of training camp? Free agency? So many questions yet to be answered. But hey at least we have a date that seems all are good with. So for now Basketball junkies we know when our next fix will arrive…maybe.

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