Revel in the Magic of R-Truth

Why Ron Killings is The Truth. 

A Champion of Champions

 When posed with the question who is your favorite champion, my first instinct was Sami Zayn. I love what he has done with his IC title reign. Something very special. Then I looked at the list of champions on the WWE app and second thought was Montez Ford, he’s the future. But then I landed on the man with the most title reigns of all time. R- Truth!

   Under the Names of K-Kwik, K-Krush and Ron The Truth Killings, R-Truth is a two time United States Champion. A two time Hardcore Champion, a two time NWA World Tag Team Champion, a former TNA Tag Team Champion(defeating the team of Sting and Kurt Angle), a former NWA Wildside TV Champion, a former Memphis Championship Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Champion. A two time NWA Heavyweight Champion. A former WWE Tag Team Champion, and a 43 time 24/7 Champion. You’re boy, the self proclaimed Most entertaining entertainer in sports entertainment. 

  R-Truth has lost more championship matches than most people have in their whole career. If R-Truth had won every title match he has had, he’d be the most decorated wrestler of all time. R-Truth doesn’t win title matches though. He is always just in the background. He beats Raven in a hard fought hardcore battle for the title, and then loses it a few hours later to Bob Holly. 

  When R Truth did an episode of the E&C Pod That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, he said I believe you can take a pile of shit and present it in a different way and to make you think you’re eating the best chicken salad in the world. That’s what Truth has done with the 24/7 title. It’s a cheap rip off of the Hardcore Title, we all know it, but he made it the fun title, the comedy title, it’s his baby.  The title is a joke, R-Truth makes the joke funny. 

    So why is R-Truth my favorite champion? Part of it is his story, his tale of being young and dumb and in and out of jail until he found wrestling, is beautiful. He got laid off by WWE, and he stepped up his game. He kept wrestling, he won world titles and perfected his character. I’ll say R-Truth has one of the most fleshed out and perfected characters out of anyone in WWE. 

 Entertaining us fans is about more than wrestling. 

  R Truth kills it on the WWE Network. The R-Truth Gameshow is awesome. He is the host of a zoom gameshow, where he has wrestlers on and it’s never the same. There is an arbitrary scoring system, and that just makes it more enjoyable. He has some hilarious appearances in Swerved as well. Him and Becky Lynch as mall security guards, had me crying I was laughing so hard. 

   Personally, wrestling is about entertainment, it’s a variety show and I enjoy comedy over most other things. I love comedy wrestlers, the New Day, Orange Cassidy, Heavy Machinery, it calls back to my childhood, with guys like Al Snow, and the BWO, Too Cool, K-Kwik…. R-Truth started wrestling In 97, held his first title in 2000. He was wrestling when I was still a kid. 

   I am a big fan of most of the current champions but for me the standout is the one who I find the most entertaining. The one who can get anything over. A man who got over a garbage looking title with a terrible stipulation, he got over A dance break, he even was able to put over an invisible child. The man can pop anyone, the proof is in Brock’s face. The man had me laughing hysterically just laying on a table under the ring. 

  He has been the highlight of RAW Talk, Charly is a lackluster host, very forced sounding interviews, but it’s like Truth has the goal of popping everyone who comes on. He brings the comedy, and watching the responses to it has been great, from Shayna Baszler, to AJ, to John Morrison. They all have great reactions to the crazy shit he says. 

He’s got That 24/7 Cosistency

   R Truth is one of most consistent superstars of all time. He stays relevant because he knows his character and he knows how to deliver. Even if he only gets 10 seconds of being in the background, it’s the best damn ten seconds of the show. He can throw down in the ring. I know that I’m writing about my favorite champion and haven’t even touched on his in ring ability. However he has speed and agility, he can sell.

Truth is all around a great talent in the ring. Most importantly though, is he knows how to work a crowd. The only person who could work a crowd better than Truth was Eddie Guerrero. But Eddie is another post for another day. 

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