WWE SmackDown 23/10/20 Talking Points

Last night’s WWE SmackDown episode was the go home show heading into the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Now it definitely had some great moments that helped build towards this Sunday’s SmackDown matches on the match card, and had one segment that added another to the card.

WWE SmackDown Talking Points

The show was promo and segment heavy to build to Sunday and in the biggest one of the night, a moment that has been tagged as Tribal Consequences, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns finally laid down the consequences that will follow; as his Hell in A Cell: I Quit Match with his cousin Jey Uso. Sasha Banks also got Bayley to sign the contract for their match in what is a big grudge match between the former besties on Sunday. And in the two most interesting segments for the wrestling community, Shorty G finally quit on his gimmick and a “Law and Otis” skit built to a fifth match being added to the Hell in A Cell match card on Sunday.

So let’s take a look at these moments for the week. My name is Reggie and these are my talking points on the go home edition for the Friday 23rd October 2020 episode of WWE SmackDown.

1. Tribal Chief lays down the Consequences.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns headed to the ring with Paul Heyman in tow to give Jey Uso the consequences of the fall out of their match at Hell in A Cell. He’s interrupted before he can speak by Jey Uso, we initially assume, on the Titantron, wearing a scarf and a cap to cover up his face while sitting at Reigns’ table at the back. Uso teases and plays up his cousin’s refusal to relinquish his seat at the head of the family table and the head of the family, before eventually lifting the scarf and cap to reveal a trick. He’s Jimmy and not Jey and Jey is behind Roman in the ring. Jey, not missing a beat, attacked Reigns then headed up the ramp to join his brother Jimmy after getting one up on Roman before the pay-per-view. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Reigns grabbed his microphone, warned and reminded his cousin’s of the way things should be, then told them the consequence of his stipulation. If he Reigns loses, he loses his position as The Man in WWE and the head of the table. If Jey loses then Jey along with Jimmy, their wives, their children, their grand children, their generation, would no longer be part of their family … Unless they fall in line behind him and recognize him as The Tribal Chief.


This was really, really smart. It looked like the Usos had got one over on the Tribal Chief but Reigns’ stipulation was a heavy blow, story wise. WWE have basically struck gold with this segment, and even if we know who the clear winner is, the fans get to enjoy this great story. This is a big up.

2. Law and Otis was a mixed bag.

Heavy Machinery had a courtroom session with The Miz and John Morrison over the WWE Money in the Bank contract.
The segment had JBL as the judge, Ron Simmons as bailiff and Teddy Long as stenographer in what was a cringe segment at times. The Miz made a case of negligence of the contract and some other stuff about Otis making their work space unsafe while Otis made the only credible case in the segment; that he won the contract fair and square. Rey Mysterio and Asuka also made an appearance at the stand in the segment, with Rey especially defending Otis’s claim while Morrison simply supported his buddy Morrison. In the end, JBL was about to award the case to Otis when The Miz handed him a suitcase with what we can assume to be full of cash, leading JBL to award the case to The Miz and announce that Otis would defend the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.


I don’t know what to feel here. It was off. I just have to put it out there. I get what they wanted to do, I see the effort they put in and I enjoyed some parts. But I have said before that WWE does not know how to play off of comedic timing. And when they do a comedy skit it just comes out wrong. I liked it at times, and I groaned at times. In all, it could have been better. But what’s important, which can be forgotten if you focus on how the segment went, is the idea that Otis will probably lose the contract to The Miz. I don’t see them wanting to halt the brilliance of Reigns as the Universal Champion.  So,  WWE will most likely shift the contract to RAW  to build a story around it and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

3. Bayley eventually Signs the contract.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley comes to the ring to cut a promo, and makes it clear that she will not be signing the contract to face Sasha at WWE Hell in A Cell. Sasha comes to the ring and demands she does so. Bayley drops her title and tries to hit Banks with the chair she brought to the ring but Sasha ducks and ends up standing beside the title and picks it up. Bayley drops the chair and tries to snatch her title but gets layed out by Sasha. After trying to fight back and get away Bayley ends up with her head jammed into the chair and is forced into the Bank Statement with the chair still on her before eventually signing the contract.


I honestly expected more from this segment. I thought it was going to be a long night of torment for Bayley that would end in her having no choice but to sign it. But still this was good. I do feel they could have done more to make this even more heated but it was done right and I am still looking forward to it. Let’s see what they can do with this.

4. Shorty G quits…his gimmick.

Shorty G came out to the ring to prove a point. He wasn’t picked in the draft officially and he wanted to show his value. And he did that by challenging Lars Sullivan to a match. He didn’t put up match of a fight though and was destroyed in a dominant performance by The Freak.
After the match, he simply quit and walked out. In a backstage interview with Adam Pearce though, he clarified that he quit being Shorty G and was back to being the accomplished Olympian and Wrestler he formerly was. Gable. Chad Gable.


All I can say is; Finally. Thank you WWE. This Shorty G gimmick has overstayed it’s welcome and flattened out Gable to an incredible degree. With the name and gimmick change we will officially have the Chad Gable, and he will be a great addition to the Intercontinental Title picture. I see good things if this is done right.

Thanks for reading my talking points for this this Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown!

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