NBA Trades Going Wild Day One

It was a big day for NBA Trades yesterday. It started out fast and with the time crunch going on it will more than likely only get faster. There were several teams that took advantage and went out and made some moves right away and some big names changed places. I will try and break down each trade from yesterday as some did not come out until late Monday night.

Chris Paul heads for the Suns

The Oklahoma City Thunder got things started when they sent the soon to be HOFer Chris Paul to the Phenix Suns. That’s right, Paul is on the move once again. What he did in OKC was amazing. He took a team that no one predicted to do anything last season and yet they made the playoffs and were more than competitive. He led that team and helped the young core they had to be better. Now he heads to the land of the Suns to join another rising star in Devin Booker.

The Thunder receive in return Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, and Jalen Lecque as well as a protected first-round pick. This gives the Thunder a nice young core and puts their first-round draft choices they have at 17.

That is a way to build a future top team. If it fails then we know who to blame, hell I could make a team with 17 first-round picks. There is just so much they can do with trades and such that they sit in a real good position. It may not be this year but the Thunder will make noise and trading Paul was a great move.

For the Suns, they get one of the best point guards in the game, one that has not lost anything, to their team. I could go on and on about what Paul will mean for just his knowledge of the game and experience. But he can still play too. He will help Booker be the star he wants to be. Booker has done all he has almost by himself. With Paul running the show Booker will be free to just score. A great trade for both teams. He will a great asset for all the young guys on the Suns.

NBA trades, The Bucks make moves

The Milwaukee Bucks also got into the trading mood yesterday as they made several moves. First, they obtained one of the biggest names on the market, Jrue Holliday. It had been reported he was on the market and many teams were in line for his services. The Bucks send Eric Bledsoe, Hill, and three first-round picks to the Pelicans. This has to be a good move for all involved. The Bucks have been one of the best regular-season teams over the past few years but need something. Holliday may be just that piece. He is an élite defender which goes right along with the Bucks style of play.

The Pelicans get a few great guys that can help them now. I feel the Pelicans made out okay as Bledsoe is a solid player that can give you points and defense. Hill is a great backup point and can hit the deep ball at a high rate. Great experience and a first-round pick for the Pelicans.

The Bucks were not done though. They also sent DiVincenzo, Ilyasova, Wilson from Kings for Bogdanovic. Bogdan Bogdanovic will get a new deal out of this those terms have yet to be detailed. Another great move as Bogdanovic will give this offense another boost that they need when all are stacked on Antetokounmpo. Do these moves make them a better contender? I know bad wording but they were already a contender, did this put them over the top and make them the Favorite? The Kings get some nice players to go with a team that was spunky and those guys will help them be even better.

More NBA Trades, Lakers get Schroder

The Los Angeles Lakers have reached an agreement with the Oklahoma City Thunder to acquire guard Dennis Schroder for guard Danny Green and the 28th pick in Wednesday’s NBA draft. Schroder is a hard nose guy that can play defense. He gave the Thunder 18.9 points and shot a career-best 46.9% from the field and 38.5% on 3-pointers last season.

The Lakers give up guard Danny Green and the 28th pick.  Green played the role on the Lakers last year the Schroder will take over. Green played his way out of LA during the Finals if you ask me. When big three after big three he would come up short. As well he is an overrated defender that the Heat showed. It was obvious that both teams feel the same as the Lakers had to throw in that 28th pick to make it right.

Schroder should help the Lakers defense and will fit in nicely for another run at back to back titles. I would be surprised if that is the only move the Lakers make this offseason. We know they do all that is necessary to resign AD and all indications are they will. But there is sure to more than that.

The next few days

Over the next five days the NBA will be very busy:

• Nov. 18: NBA Draft 2020 presented by State Farm (8 p.m. ET)

• Nov. 20: Free agent negotiations start at 6 p.m. ET

• Nov. 22: Players can sign contracts with teams beginning at 12:01 p.m. ET

So if you love the NBA offseason as much as me then you will have an overdose in the next five days. With NBA trades and the drafts just sit back and enjoy. The landscape of the NBA gets settled and a new season comes into play.

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