My Day With the NBA Draft Up Close

If you are like me and you love the game of basketball then the NBA draft is a special day. I have watched the draft each year with anticipation and often wondered what I would say if I was the guy asking the questions. Never thinking that I would. Yesterday that all changed.

Years ago I would be one of the first people at the arena on draft day for all the pre-draft activities. You would get to shoot against the clock or get in a free throw contest. Get a pic with a number one jersey on looking like the top pick, you know the one. You sit and wait to hear from the team itself to tell us who they chose right before the world knew. Great times I had but none compared to my first draft night covering the NBA.

It was as crazy as I thought it would as I had already been through the bubble and the whole zoom thing. But man what a rush. Sitting in the NBA zoom room waiting for the pick to tune in from where they were at. Then just like that you raise your hand and boom your next. What do you say to a guy who was just picked number one in the NBA draft? A guy whose dreams have just come true? Of course, I asked him what he needs to work on with his game. Wait, what? right? After that, though it was smooth. It was one pick after the next and to my surprise, I got in on many questions.

The next move was getting to see and talk with Jeff Weltman and Steve Clifford of the Orlando Magic. Discussing the move to take Cole Anderson at the 15th spot. To me it was a bit odd that they have a great young guard in Markelle Fultz, but as the night went on my worries got less and less. They talked about the fact that Cole can play both guard positions. How they can not only play together but flourish together.

Then it was back on with the NBA and waiting for more picks to come in. This lasted till past 12 AM but boy what a ride. Toward the end many had left so it gave ample opportunity to ask more questions. It was a great experience and I now post the night as I saw it, or close.

There were many more and there will be more to come. For an Everyday like you, it is not bad.

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