The Next Heisman winner is….Kyle Trask, of UF

That is right I’m saying it right here and right now. Kyle Trask will win the Heisman and take them into the playoffs. That means they beat Alabama on a great day by Trask and company in the SEC championship. I know this is not saying anything anyone else has said but I am saying it is so, or the vote is rigged. What? too soon? Okay, the fact remains in six games the numbers that he has put up have been amazing. Each week the experts said he would not be able to that against that defense and each week he just does it again. If the award is for the best college player that means the most to their team, then it is his to lose.

Kyle Trask Heisman campaign

This year has been one of the craziest years of all. We had had it all in 2020 and we have also seen one of the best performances from a Gator QB in a long time. Not since a man named Tebow dawned the sidelines has a UF QB been so dynamic. I loved Tebow but Trask can sling the ball all over. From Game one when he took the ball and went for 416 yards and with six touchdowns and NO interceptions.

That night we as fans knew already he could do that. The rest of the country only started to notice. Even though game, after game Trask would, would have those type numbers the media never really had him high on the Heisman watch. Before the Georgia game, it was, ‘if he can win this with good numbers’, then he wins with great numbers, (474 and 4 TDS) and he is still behind.

Many then said the Georgia defense was suddenly basic. If he does this against a good defense like Arkansas has then we can talk. Well, He not only took care of that defense but he made it look easy. He threw for 356 and once again six touchdowns! Before that game according to the USA today, a couple of weeks ago Trask had a single point for the Heisman vote. After Saturday he was only one point behind Jones for number one. He and Jones each received nine first-place votes. That is college football for you. One week off and your old news.

Remember Kyle Trask is doing this with two games less than the others.  His season totals are 2,171 yards in the air and 28 TDs through just six games. There is still ample time for Trask to make a clear distance between him and the others. He has some big games to still play and a lot of yards to still throw for. The LSU game, The SEC championship game, and more. When all is said and done his numbers should put him out front when it matters the most when they vote.

It has been a great thing to watch this man play each week and doing it all with the Orange and Blue on. Knowing that there are several young guys waiting in the wings behind Trask, learning, and soaking in what they can do in this type of system. That is special. By my take then the Heisman is Trask to lose and if all goes well Trask will not only hold up a Heisman but a National Championship trophy as well.

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