The Queen of Spades Redefines Submission Magic

2 Time NXT Women’s Champion

The Queen of Spades. Shayna Baszler has been awesome since she started fighting. By the time I first saw Shayna she was coming down to the cage like a pro wrestler, with her queen of spades moniker and electric guitar. The submission Magician, was known for her hammerlock submission from her back, The Shayna Wing or Shwing, gave her 13 submission wins during her tenure as a Mixed Martial artist. 

Shayna made her way through the indies eventually making her way into the Mae Young Classic, where she lost in the finals against Kairi Sane. That was after beating, Candice LeRae, Zeda, Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez. This success led her to her WWE contract and marked the beginning of a new era in NXT. 

A True Heel

  Ember Moon was the NXT Women’s champion and she was amazing! She got into a feud with Shayna eventually dropping the title to her. As NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler ushered in a new era. She went on to defend against Dakota Kai, and Nikki Cross before eventually dropping the title to Sane. Only to get it back in a rematch shortly after. Then we got Kairi, vs io vs Bianca vs Shayna Fatal 4 Way for the title. That match was amazing and I suggest it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Check out Takeover: New York it was a great show top to bottom. Shayna went on to defend against io Shirai multiple times, then against Mia Yim in one of my favorite matches. 

  Shayna is so dominating that her best matches, are when I can believe that someone is going to actually beat her. Mia Yim worked that arm the whole match. It got o the point that she couldn’t use it to lock in her submission. Shayna used her legs, because she’s a beast. 

At Survivor Series , Shayna defeated Becky Lynch and Bayley and obviously it was time for her to move to the main roster. 

  It became evident she would drop the title to Rhea but they gave them a great build. The WarGames; Team Shayna vs Team Rhea was jaw dropping. They stepped up and knocked it out of the park. The Shayna vs Rhea match where Shayna dropped the title was a great match. After 441 days as champ, It set up Shayna to move to RAW. 

Queen of Spades to RAW

  Shayna came to RAW. She slid in the ring, attacked RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. She laid her out and then proceeded to bite her neck. Which led to the iconic photo of blood just dripping out of her mouth. This set up a feud with Becky, but to get to Lynch’s title Shayna had to go through the Elimination Chamber.

 At the Elimination chamber Shayna was in the first ever squash match in an Elimination Chamber. She made every other competitor tap out from the Kirifuda Clutch. Shayna proved why she is a cage fighter. They book her as this caged animal, and it’s funny because as a cage fighter she was doing card tricks and playing the guitar on her way to the octagon. Now in the squared circle, she is real serious and all about being a fighter.

  The thing about Shayna Baszler is she is extremely dynamic. Her and my boy R-Truth having that back and forth about fried fish was too funny. He tries to break everyone on RAW Talk and he got Shayna good. It’s great to see her laugh and show personality. Keeping the title on Becky was not what I would have done, but it allowed Shayna to explore other aspects of her character. The unstoppable monster was getting stale. 

  Then they put her on a team with Nia Jax… ok I get it the two most dominant women ever. Then Shayna single handedly wins the titles with one of the greatest finishes to a match I’ve ever seen. Where she had both of the champions tap out. 

Double Tap

    I started watching wrestling in the mid nineties, right before it became must see TV. In that time, I have seen a lot of crazy things. I watched the rise of MMA, in all that time I have never seen anyone tap out two champions at the same time to win a tag belt. It made me pop like crazy.

I’m in my house with just my dogs, jumping up and down cheering for Shayna Baszler, wanting to see Bayley Tap, then boom she locks in Sasha and I was speechless. Until they tapped, that bell rung and for the first time in my life cheered for Nia Jax. I don’t care for her, because a good pro wrestler to me is doing two things. Keep your opponent safe and make them look good. If both wrestlers have that goal you get golden matches. But I cheered for her because her teammate just made two of the top women in professional wrestling, tap out at the same time. Shayna is the definition of a badass, plain and simple. 

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