49ers Muffed Win Against The Saints

The 49ers head into their bye week on a three-game losing streak. The San Fransisco 49ers (4-6) needed to play a mistake-free game to pull out a win against the New Orleans Saints (7-2). They played far from the mistake-free game that I wrote about in my previous article.

Offensive Line

The offensive line has been horrible this year with the exception of left tackle Trent Williams. Sunday evening was no exception, giving up 9 tackles for loss, 8 quarterback hits, and 2 sacks. The 49ers only rushed for 49 yards and a lot of their jet sweeps and end around failed miserably. Along with not being able to stop the nickel blitz, this group had a rough outing. This unit has allowed more quarterback hits (43) this year than any other team.

49ers Quarterback

Nick Mullens is a quarterback that could come in and play well if, one) he has time to throw and, two) a team around him. On Sunday evening Nick Mullen had neither. He completed 24 of 38 passes for 247 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions which were in the red zone. Anyone who was calling for Nick Mullens to start in place of Jimmy Garoppolo was quickly quieted.

Running Backs

The group as a whole only rushed for 49 yards on the day. Jerick McKinnon is a shell of his old self. He’s not quick or fast anymore and can’t pass block. He rushed 18 times for 33 yards, 1.83 years per carry, and gave up two sacks. JaMycal Hasty rushed three times for 13 yards at 4.33 yards per carry. He left the game with a broken collarbone. The 49er should be getting Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman back after the bye week.

49ers Special Teams

This alone is the main reason the 49ers lost the game against the Saints. The 49ers muffed three punts losing two of them. The Saints took those two muffed punts and scored two touchdowns, the 49ers lost by 14 points. The 49ers also gave up a 75-yard kick return to swing the momentum to the Saints, after the 49ers took a 10-0 lead. Richie James muffed one punt in the fourth quarter, seemed to take it hard as he was the last 49er to leave the field.

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