NBA Free Agents Hit the Market Tonight

Today is another great day if you follow the NBA. This is the day free agents hit the market and get to land in their new homes. They can not sign till Sunday but they can shop starting at 6 PM Eastern. This year the number of top tear stars that are available is low, real low. There is a guy in LA that is a huge star but between us all, I think he stays in LA, don’t say anything though. Other than him there are some really good player, players that can make a difference on any team.

Some of the top FA

There are many players that are put up as the number one guy out there, to me, it depends on what your team needs. Most have Fred VanVleet as the top guy after AD and Ingram, whom both will be back with their teams. Now if you are a team such as the Suns or the Nuggets VanVleet may not be of interest as they have plenty of good guards. But there is no denying the worth of VanVleet. He is a great ball-handler that can run your team on a day by day basis.

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He had a great year starting for the Raptors and there are teams such as the Knicks that could use him in a big way. Atlanta and Charlotte both have ample cap space and a need for a guy like him. I can see him in Charlotte running that team for Jordan.

Montrezl Harrell is a very interesting free agent. To me, if you are a team such as the Nuggets and you need that energy, rebounding, and muscle that Harrell brings this would be a great pick up. Any team that needs this type of guy, he will be an upgrade to a contending team. The way he plays the game is infectious he makes players play harder just because he does.

Although he has been injured over his time in Boston, Gordon Hayward will be an attractive option for just about any team. Again you see NY, Atlanta, and Charlotte as big spots for him. But that is due to a large amount of money these teams have available to go after these free agents. But truth be told he was a big scorer and can still be. With the injuries and playing with Tatum, Brown, and Kimba, he got lost in the background. He will be a great pick up for any team and can be a building piece for any as well.

Another guy I am watching is Danilo Gallinari. This is a guy that does nothing but give you 18 points a game and can hit the big shot as he is never shy about shooting. I can see him fitting in with many teams in the NBA. I hate to sound like a broken record but the word is Atlanta really likes Gallo and will make a play for him and Rajon Rodo of LA. Having a vet like Rondo and Gallo on the Hawks would greatly improve that team. They have a ton of young talent and have lacked leadership, well here it is.

These are just a few of the big, little names that are out there for today’s FA start. There are so many that it would take till Sunday to go over them all. Look for more on these and others as we cover the NBA free agents and trades when they take place. It is a great time of the preseason where teams take shape for another run at a title.

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