Dwight Howard takes his talents to Philadelphia

This was a slow night for the start of FA in the NBA. There were moves sure, but just nothing that went too much against what we all knew. We still have not heard from AD or a good grip of the FA class as of 9:29 PM Friday night. One of the best signings of the night, for entertainment purposes, was the signing of Dwight Howard. I know, why would Dwight signing with the Laker be entertaining? Let us count the ways.

Howard and the Lakers

I was somewhat around seven PM on Friday that Howard put out a tweet stating he was staying in LA and that he was a Laker again. It did not take long before the tweet was removed, but not until many had released the information. Then it was announced by his agent that he had indeed signed a one-year deal, with the 76ers. The 76ers? DId Morey do it again? Did he just take Howard out of LA for the second time? this is just to good.

So what is in it for the 76ers? Doc now has a back-up center that he can put in to spell Imbiid. With signing him to the minimum it only cost them a couple of million dollars, so no real harm there. But that team is sort of under construction while the Lakers just won a championship. They could and will be contenders again this season. So why leave?

Howard averaged 7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks this season with the Lakers. But it was his play in the playoffs where he had a huge impact. Against a Nuggets team that was very dangerous, Howard outplayed at a high level a guy that tonight signed a three-year 25 million dollar deal, Mason Plumlee. But that was for a team where he had a lot of backup and skill on his side. Not the Philly is not talented but for me, it was a step backward from where he was.

No word from the man himself Howard on the why. I’m sure we will learn all the juicy information soon enough. Get ready Philadelphia here comes Dwight Howard and that he brings, and I mean all of it.

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