Survivor Series 2020: Reigns vs McIntyre is the future.

Two of WWE’s biggest stars  will face each other at WWE Survivor Series in a match that holds great significance for the company.

The Stakes are high for Survivor Series.

At the WWE Survivor Series 2020 pay-per-view, Roman Reigns will go one on one with Drew McIntyre. The WWE Universal Champion will face the WWE Champion at Survivor Series in a match that suddenly compliments the brand supremacy gimmick of the pay-per-view. We will see who the face of the company is. And we will know who the #2 Champion of the company is by the end of the night. Dare I say it, this non-title Champion vs Champion match has become the biggest match in Survivor Series history. This match is for the future.

One Champion will leave Survivor Series as the #2 Champion.

If you watched the contract signing that made their Survivor Series match official during the November 20, 2020 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, you felt the sparks.

The WWE Universal Champion and the WWE Champion are going to war. It’s not just going to determine brand supremacy between Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown. It’s not just going to add to the numbers at the end of Survivor Series. These two champions are going to have an all out war centered around who the face of the WWE is. No. That came out wrong. Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre are going to war to determine who the #2 Champion in the WWE isn’t. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

A forgettable history can be rebooted at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday.

Look, let’s point out the elephant in the room. We have always felt that Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre were the future of the WWE. They have been called as much most of their career. It’s just that the WWE messed up their presentation, let that hype lose its way, and have only recently, most probably, stumbled upon the realization that this gem of an angle could be the future of the company. They just have to rewrite their storied rivalry first.

Before Roman Reigns became the Tribal Chief and aligned himself with his special counsel Paul Heyman, he was that guy we were being forced to love. The WWE Universal Champion was ironically hated by the WWE Universe. He was pushed over the moon and we hated him for it. Then when we warmed up to him and they pushed him into feuds that the WWE Universe couldn’t get behind. I mean, Baron Corbin? No offense, but Why??
McIntyre had it worse. The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre went from being the Chosen One early on in his WWE career to being a jobber in 3MB. He then had to leave the WWE, rebuild himself and come to be the star he is. Unfortunately like, Roman he was pushed wrongly and had to be the Scottish Psychopath in the midcard. And then came WrestleMania 35.

It was so forgettable. The wrestling community, present company included, and the internet actually forgot it ever happened.
And that’s great, because we can actually have a soft reboot and tell a better story centered around our current WWE Universal Champion and WWE Champion claiming what is rightfully theirs; a spot as the face of the WWE.

My thoughts and prediction

I’ll just end by saying this. The WWE has not had a great rivalry in a long while. And they have messed up the builds on many WWE Superstars. But this is promising. This is the future. And this Survivor Series match between the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will be epic.

My Prediction? Drew McIntyre should definitely win it. It’ll serve the Tribal Chief storyline well. The one blemish in his record should be against a man he doesn’t want to accept is at his level. And that should fuel his villainy even more. Thanks for reading.

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