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A question that comes up a lot in sports entertainment is why are you a wrestling fan? The plain and simple answer to that would be its entertaining right? That’s not the case though, because it’s so much more then that. However, you can relate with the wrestlers on so many things. Wrestlers from WWE and other brands inspire us.

They Are Just Like Us

Our favorite wrestlers are just like us. How is this even possible you ask? The answer to that question is they go through what we go through. Wrestlers might seem like they are famous and doing great in their lives, but it wasn’t handed to them. They had to work for it, and their are lives are not easy as you might think.

Rather, it’s a abusive relationship, to being bullied at school; our favorite wrestlers have gone through it. Depression and eating disorders strike them down just like it does to us. That’s where the wrestling community comes into play. We stand together and support our favorite wrestlers through the think and thin.

Loyalty, Respect, Motivation

Anybody that is not part of the wrestling community and not a wrestling fan they don’t understand; why we have certain wrestlers that are our role models and inspirations. As a wrestling fan, we have our reasons. As fans we motivate our favorite wrestlers to do what they love to do. Without the fans, there would be no Edge, Randy Orton, Natalya, Finn Balor, Bayley or Charlotte Flair. We motivate them in life just like they motivate us in life.

Love or Hate but Respect

There is the wrestlers out there that we absolute love and can’t wait to see on TV, but there are some you can’t stand. That means they are doing their part as their character. Rather, you love or hate a wrestler, regardless you have respect for them. For example; I’m not a huge fan of Sonny Kiss from All Elite Wrestling, but I respect him. Sonny Kiss is a very talented and one heck of a wrestler. He has my respect.

Role Models and Inspiration

I have rambled on so much in this article, but as it comes to the end, I will end it on a good note. I have eight wrestlers that have been an inspiration to me: Finn Balor, Natalya, The Miz, Karrion Kross, Mojo Rawley, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Cody Rhodes. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for that.

Then there is the role and inspiration to me. Her name is Natalya. Life can get very sticky at times, there are several moments, you want to give up but when I see Natalya on TV, I know there is hope in life. I get motivation. She never gives up on anything. No matter what life throws at her, she is one of the strongest woman I know. She inspires me so much not to give up. On Friday November 6th, I had a virtual meet and greet with Natalya, and being able to tell her her how much she meant to me was incredible. I can’t to wait to meet and hug her in real life!

Tap Out Non- Wrestling Fans

So you non-wrestling fans don’t ever tell somebody a wrestler can’t be your role and inspiration, because they can! If you tell them NO! You might just end up in The Sharpshooter, tapping out to mercy.

It’s a certain type of role model that a family member can’t be, and only true wrestling fans understand. Thank you again to all the wrestlers that make us what we are today. I promise as a fan, to keep giving you the motivation and support you need, because you have gave us the motivation to keep moving on. That my friends is what it means to be a wrestling fan, and I would not have it any other way.

photo credit to WWE.

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