The Saints Still have Faith, but in Who?

The New Orleans Saints have fallen on tough times. It was not as if they were having a bad luck free season as it was, but this? Drew Brees has had X-rays, CAT scans as well as seeing doctors every other day this week. They confirmed eight rib fractures on his left side and three on the right. With a total of 12 ribs on each side, Brees seems to have broken almost one whole side of ribs on the left side. As well as a collapsed lung on the right side. What?

Brees is expected to only miss two weeks. Two weeks to fully heal all those ribs and a lung? In the meantime, New Orleans is expected to start Taysom Hill at quarterback Sunday, though Bucs coach Bruce Arians expects the Saints also to play Jameis Winston, who played for Arians last season. But is that going to get it done? How positive are the fans they can still win?

Winston, the former No. 1 overall pick spent the first five seasons of his NFL career with the rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was know by most outside of Tampa for the INTs he threw but some will tell you he can still get it done. Arians knows exactly what the young man can do as they have history and as well Winston know what Arians wants.

There are many fans that feel this is the time to see if Winston is going to be the guy when Brees is done. As for Hill, they feel they have enough to know he is not going to be the one. He lacks the ability to make the big play. So there lies the dilemma. If the fans know this so does the coaches, yet Hill will start this week.

In this thread, one man breaks down Hill and may be worth a look.

Why Hill?

There are several reasons the Saints are going with Hill. First, he knows the playbook. He has been with the team now for four years and knows the ins and outs of the Payton offense. He knows all the little things like what to do when this happens or that. It is familiarity. So why bring in Winston for the second half last game? Well, they say it would have required the Saints to make trickle-down adjustments to special teams and to the plays that had Brees at quarterback and Hill on the field in another position. Um okay?

The second reason, they paid the man! They gave Hill in the offseason a two-year deal worth 21 million dollars and 17 million guaranteed. That tells me and everyone, that they believe in him. The saints are comfortable with him. Even though he has not shown to be a starter, they see him that way.

It is never easy to make a change at QB and the Saints are feeling that now. They are better off than most as they have a couple of QBs that both can do the job. They say Brees will be back in a couple of weeks. But 11 ribs and a lung may have a different time table. Enjoy the game today Saints fans and take a good look at your not to far off future.

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