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Nov 222020

Bayley: The Role Model

Pick three numbers, and have somebody choose one. That is how this week’s article topics went for the wrestling department at EDF Sports. I get to write about the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. Bayley!! Who is Bayley? Pamela Rose Martinez was born June 15, 1989 in San Jose, California. She was known […]

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Nov 192020

Natalya: Queen of Harts

As a wrestling fan we have that one superstar or a few that inspires you so much. The one superstar that no matter what life throws at them, they get right back and fight forward. In my opinion, Natalya is one of the most dedicated female wrestlers today. She is a legend and one day […]

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Nov 172020
jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy: Daredevil

The wrestling department picked a number one-sixty, it consisted of 30 women wrestlers and 30 men wrestlers from WWE and AEW. This topic was to write about a wrestler that you never wrote about. So what does that mean? I am writing about the amazing Jeff Hardy. Who is Jeff Hardy? At the age of […]

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Oct 282020

Favorite Male Champion

At EDF Sports in the wrestling department I made a challenge! I’m the COO and wrestling department head and I threw out a challenge to the department. Who is your favorite male champion? It’s honestly who has inspired you throughout your whole wrestling life. Lets jump into my favorite male champion of all time. Who […]

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Oct 62020

Top 15 Favorite Women Champions

One thing I have learned as a wrestling fan and a writer, never make yourself write your top 15 favorite wrestlers or anything dealing with wrestling. Why you ask? The answer to that is, its really hard to really classify your favorites. You love somebody just the same as you love the others. In this […]

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