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Oct 252020

Revel in the Magic of R-Truth

Why Ron Killings is The Truth.  A Champion of Champions  When posed with the question who is your favorite champion, my first instinct was Sami Zayn. I love what he has done with his IC title reign. Something very special. Then I looked at the list of champions on the WWE app and second thought […]

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Oct 242020

Queens’ Takeover Podcast – It’s all about the Draft

Boring and Stale! Those two words described WWE TV as of late because the same matches and interactions hit the TV every week. It was finally time to shake things up! We had to cover it this past week on the Queens’ Takeover Podcast – It’s all about the Draft! Click here to check out […]

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Oct 172020
raw draft

RAW Draft

Another draft has come and gone in the WWE, and the RAW roster came out better after it. The Fiend, Alexa Bliss, The New Day and AJ Styles were headline names that made the switch to RAW. With a number of other big names heading to the red brand, the roster has some potential feuds […]

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Oct 62020

Top 15 Favorite Women Champions

One thing I have learned as a wrestling fan and a writer, never make yourself write your top 15 favorite wrestlers or anything dealing with wrestling. Why you ask? The answer to that is, its really hard to really classify your favorites. You love somebody just the same as you love the others. In this […]

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